The Color of Your Tongue Reveals a Lot About Your Health

The color of your tongue could reveal whether your health is at risk and whether you have some health issues. Normal tongue color is pink and it shows that your health is at perfect condition, but if you notice some changes and different color you should consult your doctor.

The tongue is extremely vital because it is consistent of muscles that help you in the process of swallowing, talking, and taste. In case the color of the tongue changes color you should know that it is a sign of possible lack of nutrients or vitamins.

Here are more details in regards to the color of the tongue:

  1. Black tongue

This means that you have fungi and bacteria in the body, and it could also appear as a result of smoking and some foods. In order to avoid it you should use mouth wash, but if it doesn’t solve the issue you might need to take antibiotics.

  1. Yellow tongue

If you have yellow tongue it is a sign that you are infected with bacteria and that you might also have papillae inflammation. Also if you often breathe through your nose you might have yellow tongue.

  1. Bright red tongue

This color suggest that your body is infected, and often it occurs at the tip of the tongue which later transfers through the entire tongue.

  1. Red color on sides of the tongue

It often occurs as a result of consuming high amount of spices or fatty foods. Also it could be a result of alcohol consumption.

  1. Blue tongue

Often it is a result of cyanosis or lack of oxygen. If you have blue tongue you should immediately visit your doctor because it could be due to blood disruption.

  1. Purple tongue

Purple tongue occurs as a result of years of inflammation and deficiency of vitamin B2. Often this is a problem for women due to menstruation.

  1. White tongue

White tongue occurs as a result of candida fungus which could result with fungal infections in the mouth. Also it could be a result of usage of antibiotics or Leukoplakia.

Also you could experience pain as a result of being stressed or constant anxiety. The tongue could be swollen as a result of anemia or diabetes. Also if you smoke regularly you might experience pain in the tongue, whereas women in menopause often feel tingling sensation. In case you experience any of these symptoms you should visit your doctor.