The Combination of These 2 Ingredients Can Help You Say Goodbye to Cysts and Fibroids!

If you are having problems with cysts in your body it is best to use natural honey and houseleek leaves. This article will present to you mixture that will help you effectively get rid of this problem. Besides the fact that this remedy is very beneficial for the process of removing cysts, it also contains countless benefits which helps you treat uterine cancer, heart conditions, inflammatory processes and intestinal parasites. Here is what you need in order to prepare this remedy.


  1. Houseleek leaves – 10 ½ oz
  2. Organic honey – 10 ½ oz


At first you will need to wash thoroughly the leaves of the houseleek and blend them. Use the blended houseleek and place it in glass container. Add the honey and stir well until you get fine mixture. Leave this mixture in dry and cold place for 7 days (it is recommended to stir it occasionally). You can also keep the container in the fridge. After seven days you can begin to consume this remedy three times per day with one teaspoon per serving. In the morning you need to take the first dose right after waking up, and the second dose you can consume it between your meals and the third before bedtime. Make sure that you consume it regularly because the treatment process might take few months before the cyst disappears completely. This mixture is great for all types of cysts in the body, especially for breast cysts which are common for women.

Also this remedy is great for improving your overall health and strengthening the body. On the other hand it will boost your metabolism and will improve the digestion and bowel movement. Houseleek is great anti-inflammatory agent which needs to be consumed on regular basis if you want to get rid of oral cavities. It is also great for treatment of problems with throat and digestive tract.