Consume ½ tsp of Baking Soda Daily and Miracle Happens to Your Kidneys!

Kidneys are crucial body organs which are in charge of the body’s detoxification. They are really small in size, but responsible for so many body functions.

The kidneys are accountable for the body cleansing of waste and toxins, eliminating the excess body fluids, cleaning between 120 and 150 quarts of blood and creating two quarts of urine. They are incredibly strong organs since they perform all these functions each day so that they keep us healthy.

Furthermore, kidneys keep normal levels of electrolytes and create hormones that control the blood pressure. They are creating blood cells, protecting us from waste buildup and maintain our bones healthy.

However, kidneys can become very fragile if they are attacked by the following diseases: diabetes, hypertension, kidney stones, infections, glomerulonephritis which is a horrible disease that damages the filtering areas of the kidney, and constant abuse of OTC pain killers.

Nevertheless, there is a really cheap ingredient that we all have it in our homes which is substantially beneficial for our kidneys, and that is baking soda or otherwise known as sodium bicarbonate.

How can baking soda repair the kidneys?

We consume chemicals from the food every day which will be easily processed thanks to the endocrine system which creates enzymes and hormones thereby helping food digestion. The pancreas is in charge for producing a compound known as sodium bicarbonate, which takes care of the kidneys during this complex and delicate process.

However, sometimes the taken food can trigger the kidneys to create extra amounts of this compound. In that case, the endocrine system will be under constant pressure if we continue eating unhealthy foods like fried foods, fatty foods, and added sugars.

Because of this, the pancreas and kidneys will be weakened and cause lesser or none production of sodium bicarbonate. Due to lack of this compound our kidneys will suffer and experience serious damage.

The acids that are made while the process of the digestion goes on will not be neutralized which will cause damage to the kidneys and to the overall health.

Kidneys treatments like dialysis and other similar ones are based on sodium bicarbonate thereby focusing on eliminating kidney damage. Yet, there is a process that supports the removal of extra waste and fluid minerals from the blood, and that process is known as acid buffering.

Dialysis takes the function of supplying the kidneys with sodium bicarbonate when the kidneys cannot create it by themselves and the body cannot digest food in a proper way. When the body creates an optimal quantity of sodium bicarbonate the kidneys and the endocrine system are safe and healthy.

Scientific Researches

According to several conducted scientific studies at The National Health Institute of the United States proved the efficiency of dialysis based only on sodium bicarbonate compared to the standard dialysis.

This process aids the balance of the blood pH levels, and the patients that experienced kidney damage were able to synthesize more nitrate oxide.

According to Dr. Ione de Brito-Ashurst and her team, which performed a few other studies found out that taking sodium bicarbonate regularly can slow down the development of chronic kidney diseases. Thanks to which the patients can protect themselves and avoid the regular dialysis.

Scientists have confirmed the capability of sodium bicarbonate as it can reverse the process of kidney failure thereby making the sodium bicarbonate an excellent agent that protects people from chronic kidney diseases.

Use of Sodium Bicarbonate in Cases of Kidney Damage

Sodium bicarbonate can help you if you suffer from kidney damage, but before you start the use of this compound you need to consult your doctor who is an expert in this field. People with sensitive stomach need to be very careful since they may have hard times processing it. Yet, the sodium bicarbonate is a non-toxic ingredient.

Follow these steps in order to stop the expansion of the kidney disease:

  1. 1st Day – dissolve half a teaspoon of baking soda and place it right beneath your tongue.
  1. 2nd Day – mix half a teaspoon of table salt, half a teaspoon of baking soda and approximately 6 cups of tap water. Consume this mix each day, 3 days in a row.
  2. Be careful on the dosage as you need to reduce the daily dose to a quarter of teaspoon of baking soda and about ¼ teaspoon of table salt.

Note the fact that unhealthy lifestyle often leads to kidney damage. In order to maintain your kidneys healthy and safe from damage you need to keep proper weight index, implementing a healthy and natural diet. However, if you already suffer from a kidney disease, watch the video below and find out more detailed information.

In the video you will see how to prepare a healthy drink with just using two simple ingredients: baking soda and apple cider vinegar. Thanks to the consumption of this drink you will be able to protect your health.