How to Cook Rice with Coconut Oil to Burn More Fats and Absorb Half the Calories

Rice is one of the most used foods all around the world. For most Asian cultures it is a replacement to bread, and in the U.S. we quite often use it as it goes well with all other foods. There are so many cultures in USA that rice is used everywhere and no matter if you are in Italian, Chinese or some other restaurant rice is everywhere served. Not to forget the fact that it is cheap and easily available.

According to USDA, Americans consume tons of rice, and an average American receives 500 calories more that the recommended intake. Because of that we have major problem like obesity in the U.S.

Starchy foods with rice may cause damage to your health as they increase the risk of developing diabetes. In a single cup of cooked rice there are 240 calories. You receive them as starch, which later on converts into sugar, and eventually into fat.

At the College of Chemical Sciences in Sri Lanka, a team of researchers have found out a way how to burn fat and absorb more than half of the calories.

Their way included only one ingredient combined with rice, and that is coconut oil. By including a healthy amount of coconut oil into your meal you will decrease the absorption of calories by amazing 50%.

What is the secret of including coconut oil to rice?

By applying this cooking method the RS content of plain, white rice will be increased.

This is not a complex procedure as only one additional step is included to the regular cooking. Cook your rice as usual, and just before you add the rice into the boiling water, put 1 teaspoon of coconut oil in it, and then add the rice in.

Usually simmering part takes around 40 minutes, or cook the rice till is fully cooked. When it is cooled off, store it in a fridge, and leave it to stay for 12 hours. After that, your rice is ready for eating.

This cooking method is great choice for people who are suffering from obesity. It raises the resistant starch content for up to 10 times, and this method is also valid for the traditional, non-fortified rice.

In what way this method works?

According to James coconut oil gets inside the starch granules while it is cooked, thereby making sugars resistant to digestive enzymes. Further on, the cooling process stimulates a “gel” amylase. Rice will release its starch while the twelve hours cooling process is going on. Then, starch will bind to molecules outside the rice, and then rice sugar will be converted into resistant starch. By doing this you will also cut off the calories. The rice can be reheated; the heat will not change its chemical composition.

However, this method requires more researching as experts have still not discovered which type of rice is more efficient in lowering calories. Likewise, it has to be determined if there are other oils which will have the same effect as coconut oil.

Even though it is cheap, rice is not the healthiest available food, you should consider intake of foods rich in fiber such as sweet potatoes, quinoa, barley, leafy green, cauliflower, mushrooms, vegetables, and squash.



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