Crocheted Nest Has Kept Hornets Away for Years

We all love the spring and the approaching summer, but sometimes some insects can be a real nuisance and for Sandy Davis they were the hornets.

She struggled with them for many years as they liked her patio, and she used all possible solutions like spraying the hornets’ nest with toxic pesticides. The use of toxic pesticides was her last option, but this harmful method was also not successful. In order to protect the bees, birds, and other wildlife, she dropped the use of pesticides and tried to find another alternative.

Sandy searched the net and read everything about hornets finding out they are very territorial. Namely, wasps and hornets would never build a nest near each other, and this gave Sandy a great idea.

Being an excellent knitter, she created a realistic wasp nest by crocheting. Her creation was an excellent solution for her ongoing problem and thus kept away hornets and other wasps from her patio. She fooled them with her fake crocheted wasp nest by making them believe that there are already hornets or wasps on her patio.

Sandy has been using her fake wasp nest for four years and during this period she has not seen a single hornet on her patio.

Hornet's nests on the outdoor patio were always a problem until 4 years ago when I crocheted and hung my fake one after…

Posted by Sandy Kendall Dennis on Sunday, April 19, 2020

If you have the skills like Sandy you can knit your own wasp nest, but even if you not possess such skill, you can simply order one at Amazon.