Cure Your Strep Throat in Just One Day Without Taking Any Antibiotics!

Streptococcal infections are contagious diseases caused by streptococcal bacteria, which cause swelling and inflammation of the mucous membranes that cover the back of the throat and tonsils. These are the most common causes of sore throats in children and adolescents, their rapid diagnosis and treatment are important to prevent potential complications.

Doctors prescribe all kinds of antibiotics and antibodies to treat streptococci; however, we offer you better 100% natural options. Here are 7 natural remedies for alleviating the pain and inflammation from the first day.

Here are the 5 most effective natural remedies for streptococcal infections


The best antibiotic and natural antifungal agent. It kills bacteria and reduces inflammation, infections, pain and more. Its effect is instantaneous.


Lemons are loaded with vitamin C and active elements that kill bacteria. Following its use the infection will disappear quickly and the sore throat will be soothed. Make a tea with raw honey and lemon.

Essential oils

They are perfect for this purpose. Use lemon essential oil, grapefruit essential oil, peppermint essential oil, lavender essential oil, thyme essential oil or cinnamon essential oil.

Here’s the Best way to use them:
– Add 5 drops of the oil of your choice into a little water.
– Heat the mixture in a saucepan.
– Inhale the steam for 15min. Repeat as necessary.

Apple cider vinegar

The best natural cure for fungal infections.

Mix 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and 1 cup of water. Gargle and spit.

Cayenne pepper

Mix one teaspoon of Cayenne pepper with ½ cup of coconut or olive oil.
Apply this mixture on the throat to relax the muscles.

Prefer natural choices for better recovery.