Danger!! If One of These 5 Foods Is in Your Kitchen, Banish It! A Real Danger is Looming Over You and Your Children …

It’s important to know that there are foods that are beneficial to our health but on the other hand there are even more foods that are dangerous. And it is true that generally we can find such dangerous food in our kitchen and if you have it, it’s better that you throw it in the trash.

Actually many foods are genetically modified; they contain chemicals that represent a real danger to your health.

What is a toxic and dangerous food?

If we refer to the academic definition then an unsafe food shall be considered harmful to the health and unfit for human consumption.

It is important to take into account the manufacturing processes and elements considered pathogenic or toxic gases.

Here is a list of 5 foods that are proven to be very dangerous to your health

1. Rhubarb leaf

Indeed rhubarb leaf can prove to be extremely hazardous to your health since it contains oxalic acid, which can cause the appearance of kidney stones.

2. Tuna

If tuna is not recommended for pregnant women this is not without a reason. This is because in reality it contains mercury which can be absorbed in our body and can cause disturbances in the kidneys, so they are no longer able to filter the blood.

3. Bitter almonds

If normal almonds are very beneficial for the health, bitter almonds are much less. Really, they contain cyanide hydrogen which could cause many health problems in adults and very serious consequences in children.

4. Potatoes

You should not consume potatoes that have green skin because they might contain glycoalkaloids which can cause digestion disorders or severe diarrhea that can cause death.

5. Nutmeg

Regular and excessive consumption of nutmeg can cause hallucinations. You should not exceed the dose of 4 grams (1 tsp) daily otherwise it can cause seizures and cramping.