Dangerous 12 Habits Before Sleeping – Avoid Them All the Time!

There are some habits that you need to eradicate from daily use especially before going to bed. Here are twelve of them which can do you harm:

  1. Consume your dinner 2 to 3 hours before going to sleep, and do not eat in late hours. If you do not follow this rule your stomach will be full and heavy and the food will be digested while sleeping hours.
  2. Avoid drinking water before going to bed as you may have to run to urinate in the middle of the night.
  3. If you have an alarm clock with bright digits replace it with dimmer ones as the light will disturb the darkness for sleeping.
  4. Your sleeping area should be free of any electronic gadgets. Eliminate the habit of using your phone or laptop an hour before going to bed because the brightness keeps the brain awake.
  5. When you are buying mattress go for the quality one even though it is more expensive than the others. This mattress will offer you solid and sound sleep, and in the morning you will wake up fresh and full of energy.
  6. Note that reading before bed is also bad because it will keep you interested and impede your sleep. So, do not go to bed with a book by your side.
  7. Even if you think that napping is good during the day, do not practice this habit because you will need those sleeping hours for the night. Likewise, go to bed at the same time every day since in that way the brain shuts down easier.
  8. Exercise on daily basis, you will feel tired after the session, but in the meantime it will give you energy. However, do not ever exercise before going to bed, even a few hours before sleeping.
  9. Consuming coffee 4 to 5 hours before bed is out of the question as you may already know caffeine boosts the heart and whole body due to which you will not sleep.
  10. Make a daily routine which will help you to set the brain in a sleep mode. For instance, start with the bathroom: brush your teeth, wash your face and the brain will memorize this.
  11. Try to find a good sleeping position which will help you to have a good night sleep free of excess tossing and turning. The best position is sleeping sideways which has been already proven.
  12. If you suffer from cold feet, wear your socks on.