How to Detect Negative Energies at Home Using Only a Glass of Water?

Negative energies can very much influence our life, and because of that we need to find a way how to detect them and eliminate them from our life. Plenty of methods can help you to detect negative energy at home, but the trick that we are about to present to you is very simple and quick, and as well as offers harmony in your home.

The presence of negative energies in our surroundings can substantially affect the way of living thus making us stressed, anxious and even depressed. Even though we cannot avoid them in our lives we can for sure manage to eliminate them. Negative energy in your house means bad luck, financial problems, stress relationship problems, anxiety, impulsivity and other disturbing issues.

How to detect negative energies in our home?

It may sound unbelievable, but the only thing you need is 1 glass of water.

Here is the procedure:

  1. Take a glass, which does not have any drawings, marks or colors.
  2. Then, place in it 1/3 of salt sea in the glass.
  3. Next, pour 2/3 of apple cider vinegar.
  4. Now, fill in the water.
  5. So, your glass of water is ready, and now you need to put it in a room where there is plenty of negative energy, it may be a corner.
  6. Leave the glass to stand there for twenty-four hours (one day).
  7. Take the glass and check its state.

Here are the results:

If the glass changed its color like it turning green or gasified, then this is a clear indication of presence of negative bad energy in the room. Throw away the content of the glass in the toilet and flush it. After that, prepare a new clean glass and place it at the same place for 24hours. If the glass content is same like the previous one, then you need to repeat the process, in fact keep repeating this process until the glass remains the same as you have put it before the 24 hours. When this happens then it means that there is no negative energy in that room. Repeat this process with another room where you sense negative energy.