How to Detox Each Organ to Never be Sick or Tired Again

Our body is increasingly exposed to chronic diseases but also to diseases much more serious such as cancer. In reality our environment is increasingly polluted and consequently toxic to our organism which causes the emergence of many diseases.

In addition to this, some bad eating habits can cause many damage in the body. It is important to remember that some foods contain pesticides as well as heavy metals which turn out to be very toxic. This is why it is important to carry out a complete detoxification of your body from time to time.

Detoxifying your body: why is it useful?

Our body is elaborated in such a way that it can get rid of the toxins by itself. This is the reason why sometimes we have a fever or we have digestion disorders like vomiting and diarrhea. However, when this is exceeded, our immune defenses weaken and the organs no longer function optimally.

An unhealthy diet such as eating foods containing sugar, pesticides, gluten and heavy metals may trigger the emergence of autoimmune diseases due to the accumulation of toxins.

Among these diseases we can cite:

Leukemia, lupus and other hemolytic diseases;
Diabetic and peripheral neuropathy;
Fibromyalgia or muscular dystrophy;
Autism, Guillain-Barré syndrome (caused by vaccination against influenza or a virus)
Rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis or rheumatic polymyalgia
Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis or diabetes
Eczema, psoriasis, scleroderma, vitiligo, etc.

How to detoxify the body?

First of all it will be important to banish from your diet certain foods such as gluten, dairy products, processed products, fried products, soybean or GMO.

1. Liver detoxification

The following foods should be eaten: burdock root, dandelion root, milk thistle, beets, Jerusalem artichokes, garlic, turmeric, fermented foods and castor oil.

This will eliminate all toxins accumulated in the liver.

Olive oil as well as green apples and carrot juice will help detoxify your liver but also reduce the occurrence of gallstones.

2. Kidney detox

To detoxify the kidneys you can consume lukewarm water with lemon juice, organic cranberry juice, apple cider vinegar or even bathing with Epsom salt.

3. Colon detoxification

To detoxify your colon you can opt for consumption of coconut oil, kefir, ginger, fennel, bentonite clay, garlic, water with aloe vera or all herbal foods. Do not forget to drink plenty of purified water.

4. To detoxify the intestines

In order to eliminate all the parasites in your body you can consume bentonite clay, psyllium pods, coconut oil, garlic, cinnamon or black walnut shell .

5. To detoxify the lymphatic system

It is important to have a good lymphatic drainage. For this it will be important to be active and to practice walking regularly. Lymphatic massage will also be very helpful in eliminating all the toxins contained in your body and this is a very gentle method.

6. Clean your skin regularly

It is important to clean your skin regularly for example by going to the sauna or by having a physical activity that will make you sweat and therefore eliminate toxins from your body. Another important point it is to remember that beauty products such as deodorants, make-up, or perfumes contain many chemicals dangerous to your skin and your health.


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