Microwaves are for many of us, the invention of the century! They are simple and easy to use and are a nice option for cooking. This little ray oven is present in the US for over 30 years. It strongly influenced the way people see food.

However, the question that arises is whether the microwaves are good for you or not. Many people said no and argue that there are many other healthier options for cooking while preserving the nutrients in the food.

How does the microwave work?

The magnetron is the central element that makes up the microwave oven. Is an electromagnetic wave generator which spreads microwaves in the whole apparatus. These waves penetrate the food, about 1 inch, and act on the water molecules that compose it. They disrupt the water molecules and cause agitation. On the basis of universal physical laws, food stores energy and release it as heat. This is how the food is cooked.

Health consequences of using microwaves

There are over 2.45 billion hertz inside the microwave which is not a problem, unless the door seal is leaking. It is known that the degree of frequency at which the human being is endangered is 10 hertz, so be careful and don’t stand too close to a microwave oven when it’s on.

Microwaves can cause birth defects, cancers, cataracts, low immunity, reduced resistance to viral and bacterial infections and so on.

Moreover, according to a study by Hans Hertel, a Swiss scientist, cooking food in the microwave significantly reduces their nutrient intake. Indeed, the molecules present in the food are deformed due to radiation and emit hazardous radioactive components.

In 1992, a study was conducted on participants who consumed vegetables cooked in a microwave. The results showed that these people have a rapid increase in cholesterol and leukocytes (elements that protect the body from external aggression), and decreased hemoglobin.

Moreover, the study found that milk heated in a microwave loses a significant rate of its antibodies. As for milk for infants, this appliance causes changes in its composition and loss of certain vitamins which generates immunological problems.

Finally, be careful using the microwave because even if it is 100 % closed, you remain exposed to high levels of harmful electromagnetic fields.

They can enter the human body and cause serious problems. These waves are certainly low frequency but they disturb the ecological balance of the body. Scientific studies have shown the risks of these radiations in the long term, such as chronic insomnia or migraines, depression etc. So try standing at a distance of at least 4 inches or more from the unit and make sure to close it properly.