Doctors Advise Women to Stop Wearing Bras!

The debate over the wear of bra and the role of it in the sagging breasts still continue and raises another issue on the link between wearing bra and breast cancer.

Is it indispensable underwear?

At the very beginning we need to note the importance of bras as part of your underwear due to the role of maintaining breasts, especially larger ones. If a women does not wear bra it might result with discomfort that might lead to back pain.

In fact, not all bras are good for your health. Push-up bras are among those that might cause serious health problems if you use them regularly. Here is why they are considered dangerous for your health:

One study found that wearing bra lead to development of breast cancer.

Soma Grismaijer and Ross Singer, the authors of the book Dressed to Kill 1995, defended the idea that bras are dangerous for your health. They conducted a study with 4000 women and managed to link breast cancer with wearing bra. This is due to the fact that bra disrupts lymph flow which increases the risk of developing cancer.

Here is what you can learn from this study:

  1. If you wear bra 24/7 you increase the risk of developing breast cancer for at least 3-4 times.
  2. Those women that wear bra for at least 12 hours (but do not wear for sleeping), has 1 out of 7 chances of developing breast cancer
  3. Women that wear bra for less than 12 hours per day have 1 out of 72 chances of developing breast cancer
  4. Women that barely wear bra have 1 out of 168 chances to develop breast cancer

The authors of the book examined habits of the women in order to try to find out the different stages of evolution of this dangerous diseases.

Today scientists have found evidence in this hypothesis. They found that wearing a tight bra disrupts the lymphatic drainage which is found to be the cause for breast cancer. Lymph is the most important for the blood circulation and removal of toxins from your body.

In order to remain healthy you need to have your lymphatic circulation working properly in order to be able to regenerate tissues. One simple example that will help you to understand the connection is when you fly with a plane for couple of hours and your feet and ankles become swelled because of poor lymphatic circulation. It is completely the same when you wear tight bra. Such occurrence might lead to development of lymphatic drainage which results with breast cancer.

One study made in France reveals the adverse effects of wearing bra

This study reveal that wearing bra is not essential to keep the breast but rather it develops some serious health complications. Jean-Denis Rouillon, a professor and author of this study found that women that do not wear bra have more developed and stronger muscle tissues, whereas those who wear bra have less muscle tissues in their breast.

This is connected to the sagging breasts because wearing bra weakens the muscle tissue. In his study he concluded that women who wear bra for more than 12 hours have greater chances of developing breast cancer. Also he found that wearing regularly bra will affect other health mechanism such as temperature because breasts have lower temperature then the rest of the body as a result of being external part of the body. Even though breast cancer develops as a result of hormone misbalance, temperature can also contribute to the development of this diseases.

Here is what you need to do in order to prevent development of breast cancer:

You will need to try and avoid influencing the lymphatic drainage by wearing bra regularly in order to reduce the risk of developing breast cancer. Try to choose well-fitting bra instead of buying fashion-trendy bra which might disrupt the lymph drainage and blood circulation.

One of the best solution is not to wear bra, but in case you chose to wear because you are embarrassed, you will need to wear at least clothing that will prevent the show of your nipples.

It is really important to understand that your health depends on your choices. Now you know the choice you need to make, in regards to reducing or not wearing bra at all in order to lower the risk of breast cancer.