Doctors Don’t Like This Ketogenic Diet Because it Treats Depression, Migraines, Autism and it Kills Cancer

Various researching reveal that nutritional ketosis can be quite beneficial in the battle against many diseases, including obesity, by turning away from carbs to fat-burning.

Thanks to the ketogenic diet the body will learn how to burn fat in order to produce energy. The intake of food is consisted of 50-70% beneficial fats which the body turns them into energy. While doing it, the body makes ketones, made from fats processed in the liver.

Health benefits of a Ketogenic Diet

  1. Speeds up weight loss

    Ketogenic diet aids in the process of weight loss as the body gradually relearns to utilize fat as a main fuel thereby producing ketones from fat stored in the body.

  2. Battles cancer

    Ketogenic diet can be successful in the fight against cancer since cancer cells need sugar for tumor growth, and cancer cells cannot metabolically shift to use fat. According to a hypothesis of renowned researcher, ketone bodies stop cancers by converting the availability of energy processes within the cells. This is what this expert states regarding this matter: “Preliminary data demonstrate that an insulin-inhibiting diet is safe and feasible in selected patients with advanced cancer. The extent of ketosis, but not calorie deficit or weight loss, correlated with stable disease or partial remission.”

  3. Protects your brain

    According to some studies ketogenic diet may aid in protecting the brain, because it has already given results in Parkinson’s patients.