Doctors were Shocked – He Cured Himself from Lung Cancer and Decided to Share His Recipe

He shared the recipe which helped him overcome lung cancer, doctors were completely shocked!

Fifteen years ago Ante Kresic has found that he has lung cancer. Doctors from all over Croatia have been predicting that he has very little time left and that there is no way he would cure. But instead, Ante already made other plans.

Ante managed to cope with this deadly illness only by using natural homemade medicine which included honey and medical herbs. The production of honey was made by him since he is beekeeper.

He claims that he has proof for this process since he managed to document everything. This way he claims he can silence all the skeptics and motivate patients to keep fighting in order to overcome and beat this disease. This solution is not expensive at all and it worked great for him.

All doctors have been impressed by the progress he has made while using the remedy. It is uncommon to have doctors motivating him to continue with the use of his remedy since his health problem has been improving. In fact, everyone was already in shock by the progress. When finally the doctors made the full examination, his body was completely cancer free. This was due to the honey which he produced by himself, including the herbs.

Ante decided to share his experience with the world because he feels it is his duty to do so.

You will need two pieces of ginger root, 2-3 pieces of dandelion root, pine needles (handful). Place all ingredients in a mixer and mix it for couple of minutes. Pour the mixture in a glass jar (1 pound jar) of wildflower honey. Remember it is extremely important to use 100% organic honey and do not buy synthetic one from the market. You should consume this remedy 3-4 times a day (1 tablespoon every time you consume). Also have in mind that you should use wooden or plastic spoon and avoid using metal one. You will feel the first results after using it for only 4 days.

Remember, in this fight against cancer it is most important to stay positive and never to give up.


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