Doctors Are Speechless: Boil These 2 Ingredients and Drink the Beverage for 7 Days to Lose Up to 5 Pounds!

The remedy that we invite you to try in this article is natural and without mercy against stubborn fat, so that with very little effort you will lose up to 5 pounds per week. Isn’t that fabulous?

It is composed of only easily found ingredients you may even already have in your kitchen. The whole secret of this treatment is to drink the drink in the evening. We will explain why.

When we sleep, our body doesn’t feed. This is the best time to produce growth hormones, which help the body to recover, cells to regenerate and to use the fats that provide energy for all night’s work.

The result is that you lose weight while sleeping. Consuming the following drink will increase the loss of fat and hormone production. It is also important, especially if you are dieting, to have a good quality sleep because it greatly affects the weight loss process.

• 2 cups of mineral water
• 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
• 2 teaspoons of pure honey


Heat the water. Then add the cinnamon powder. You must let it steep until the drink gets cool to add the honey, because the high temperature (over 100 ° F) could eliminate the benefits of the nutrients in the honey. Drink this drink every night before going to bed and in the morning (on an empty stomach) for 7 days.

For this drink to be effective, it is obviously important to have a healthy lifestyle in parallel. Consume fruits and vegetables, avoid processed or fast foods and practice regular exercise, all these factors are the key to a successful diet (and good quality sleep that will promote weight loss).