Doctors Warn Women Not to Put Wasp Nests into Their Private Parts

What we are prepared to do in order to keep the youth of our body including our intimate part. Our intimate parts are very fragile, but when it comes to making them better some people go even beyond certain boundaries, and we are not referring to the surgical ones.

There is plenty of info on these matters on the net, but they should be taken very cautiously as not everything that is shown on Internet is true.

Perhaps the oddest one that you can find is that by putting wasp nest in the vagina you will make it tighter and rejuvenated.

This info is available on Etsy, a craft website, where you can buy oak galls, a medicinal paste of bark and wasp excreta that you can place inside your vagina. On this website there is a conclusive explanation of oak galls, or otherwise known as oak apples. These products come from oak trees in Asia Minor and Persia, and the oak apples are being produced when the bark or leaves of the oak tree Quercus infectoria are penetrated by the female gall wasp, Cynips Gallae-tinctoriae, in order to lay its eggs inside. This triggers a chemical reaction that stimulates the bark or leaves to produce a roundish hard ball named as oak gall. These ones are supposed to get ground and in that form placed inside your most intimate part in order to help in restoring the uterine wall after childbirth, healing an episiotomy cut and cleaning the vagina.

It is a fact that practitioners of natural medicine have used oak galls for the treatment of different health issues, but never in this way. The side effects of their use for the intimate parts can be tremendous like irritating or drying out the interior of vagina. This is a result of the content of

astringents in oak galls that cause the irritation and the friction while intercourse that will lead to the occurrence of infections.

The Etsy sellers state that the use of this product may cause a stinging sensation when applying it. But, medical experts strongly advise not to use these products due to the possible health risks. They always recommend using products that have been previously scientifically investigated.

Moreover, Dr. Jen Gunter, a gynecologist states that if you have a burning experience in your vagina when using a certain product it only means that something is not going according to plan. Hence, you should always consult a gynecologist or doctor prior using any of these products in order to avoid any possible complications.

Dr.Gunter does not recommend the use of herbal remedies for this part of the body, especially when they are being inserted inside of the vagina to stay there for a long period of time. The womb detox has been widely popular as it has been believed that it can help women with endometriosis, ovarian cysts, thrush, and fibroids. This method involved the use of bags of perfumed herbs, known as Herbal Womb Detox Pearls, that need to be placed inside of the vagina so that to enhance its health. Women should insert three of the balls into the vagina and leave them to act for 72 hours. According to Dr.Gunter leaving a product inside your intimate part that has not been designed for prolonged use in the vagina can only increase the risk of toxic shock syndrome.