Doctor’s Warning: Never Clean Your Child with Baby Wipes No Matter What

If you are having a baby it is most likely that you are using baby wipes very often. Actually there is no parents that don’t use them because they are very practical. In fact these baby wipes are used for cleaning the hands, toys, face, etc, but different research studies suggest that they are not as safe as we tend to believe.

Doctors actually urge us to stop using them because we are exposing the children to risks of doing harm on their skin. According to NBC news, baby wipes contain dangerous component such as methylisothiazolinone which often irritates the skin and causes rashes.

Also, Dr. Mary Wu Chang from University of Connecticut, investigated the causes of the use of baby wipes over the skin, and she found that actually they are in fact causing skin problems.

There was one case which involved 8-year old girl that had skin rashes all over the buttocks and mouth which later on was found it was caused by the use of baby wipes.

Also there is another report which involved older Belgian man who had allergic and chemical reaction to the compound that is found in baby wipes, the methylisothiazolinone. This reaction was definitely caused by the use of baby wipes. After the tests of allergic reactions, the results were positive and stopped using them.

There were also other kids that had allergic reaction to the chemical that is found in baby wipes. According to Dr. Ellen Frankel, a dermatologist says:
“I always tell parents do not under any circumstances use diaper wipes. They have a great deal of chemicals in there, and can aggravate skin that’s already damaged sitting in urine, or feces, or being in a diaper that’s just got an inclusive surface on it.”

Due to these reasons you should always check the ingredients that are consistent in the wipes, and if you notice they contain methylisothiazolinone you shouldn’t use them. Here is a video with more details: