What Doctors Will NEVER Tell You: Apricot Seeds Kill Cancer Cells Without Side Effects

In 1952, Dr. Ernst T. Krebs introduced his great discovery, Amigdalyn, or otherwise known as B17 vitamin. This was a major breakthrough in the alternative cancer treatment, as it has the power to cure cancer.

The highest concentrations of amygdalin are traced in apricot seeds. However, many people have not even heard about this remarkable discovery and the great strength these seeds have. Have you ever wondered why that is the case?
The most obvious answer lies in the use of the commercial cancer treatments which are offered by the pharmaceutical companies since they are a lucrative business providing them billions of dollars each year. Even though these treatments are not always effective, their continuous use brings great profit which is very difficult to abandon.

Edward Griffin states that cancer remedies have long existed in nature, and that it isn’t necessary for any human involvement to produce them. Yet, they are not presented to the most of the people; as a matter of fact they are well hidden.

What lies in the effectiveness of Apricot Seeds?

Apricot seeds are rich source of amygdalin, and its concentration is highest in these seeds and that is the reason why they are so effective. In fact, Amygdalin targets the cancers cells inside the body thereby destroying them, and at the same time empowers the immune system which protects the body from reoccurrences of cancer.

This was actually proven by a study of the “Hunza” tribe, of the Himalayan Mountains, whose diet was based on apricots. Thanks to their way of feeding themselves they had 200 times more the amygdalyn (B17) concentration than the one in most western people, and because of that no case of cancer was ever reported.

The effectiveness of Amygdalin lies in the content of 4 substances: 2 glucoses, a benzaldyhide and cyanide. Even though this may seem incredible for you, but amygdalin contains cyanide as well. Yet, cyanide is a part of a larger compound, and because of that it doesn’t contain the toxic features that usually exist outside of the compound.

Once amygdalin enters the body, and reaches a healthy cell, 80 minutes are needed to be further decomposed by the Rhodanese enzyme into Thiocyanate and Benzoic acid, both of which protect and heal the healthy cell. Even if higher quantities of amygdalin enter the organism, the excessive amounts of Thiocyanate and Benzoic acid are naturally flushed out by urination.

However, when amygdalyn (B17) reaches a cancer cell, then it is not broken down by Rhodanese enzyme since cancer cells do not have it. Instead this vitamin is involved in a chemical reaction with Beta-Gucosidase, which results in production of toxins consisted of Benzaldehyde and Hydrogen Cyanide. These produce poisons which solely aim on cancer cells thus killing them, while healthy cells stay unharmed. This is otherwise known as selective toxicity.

Yet, amygdalyn was never patented because it is a result of a natural process, and not a chemical one produced by humans.