Doctors Won’t Tell You This – Cheap Way to Get Rid of the Head Lice Almost Instantly!

Head lice are real nuisance and usually children are affected by them. Therefore, when a child complaints to their parents about itching head, the first thing that comes to a parents mind is lice. Lice are small insects without wings that are fed on blood, and are very difficult to remove.

In fact, lice are very contagious; if one child has it then it is most probable that others will get it as well. They can be easily transferred to other children especially if they go to school or kindergarten. Adults may also get them, but children are the ones who most frequently suffer from them. These insects are not so harmful, but they are annoying which can cause inflammation and itchiness of the scalp. However, if you not remove them on time, they will multiply like crazy and eventually that will lead to a severe infection.

There are many anti-lice shampoos available in the stores which are not 100% effective, and as well as very expensive. You can comb the hair for hours and again some of these horrible insect will be left hanging on the hair, and start the process of multiplication. Likewise, these over-the-counter lice products contain harmful chemicals which may enter into the bloodstream of the child and lead to more serious health concerns.

Do not worry; we have an effective homemade remedy that will remove these nasty parasites from the hair instantly.

Things that you will need:

  • Mouthwash
  • White vinegar
  • Lice comb
  • Shower cup/plastic bags
  • Few towels


First, you need to wash the child’s head with the mouthwash, and then wrap it in a plastic bag. After that, cover its head with a shower cap. Let it stay like that for 1hour.  The mouthwash helps in keeping lice away thanks to the strong smell because lice cannot stand the smell of spearmint.

After the one hour has passed, remove the shower cap and the bag, and wash the hair with vinegar. The white vinegar will eliminate lice eggs.

Again, cover the head with a bag or a hat for additional one hour. After one hour, remove the bag or the hat, and wash the child’s hair with a regular shampoo. In the end, comb the hair with a lice comb.

For best outcomes, you can spray the hair of your child with a mouthwash before going to school or kindergarten.

Do not hesitate to try this natural treatment; it is very effective providing you with amazing results!