Dog Tragically Dies after Eating Brownies with Sugar Substitute, Owner Warns Other Pet Parents Xylitol Is Toxic for Them

Dogs are our favorite pets and we all like to give them treats, but in the case Of Ruby, a Vizsla, the treat was fatal.

Her owner Kate Chacksfield gave her brownies, but for Ruby they were poisonous as instead of sugar they had been sweetened with xylitol.

Kate was feeling devastated when she found out that the brownie that she had given to Ruby caused her early death. Every owner does its best to protect his pet, but in the case of Kate she did not know that the brownies would be fatal for Ruby. The artificial sweetener xylitol contained in the brownie that her dog ate killed her.

Kate lives in West London, England, and she tries to warn people of the dangers this natural sweetener can bring to their dogs.

Every dog likes what the owners eat and find these food products as the ultimate treats, so Ruby, just like any dog would sneak out and ate the treat that she was not allowed. Ruby ate brownies before but none of them made her sick although dogs are not tolerant to chocolate. She ate only small amounts of it present in the brownies and that has never before made her sick. But, the brownie containing xylitol was completely different. For the things to become worse, this time Ruby ate two whole brownies with xylitol content that made her sick in just thirty-six hours. Kate was not aware of the potential risks of xylitol and if she would have known she would have taken Ruby immediately to the vet.


Kate was interested in leading healthier lifestyle and because of that she replaced the regular brownies with the ones containing xylitol. The substitute of regular sugar with this sweetener would also help her in losing weight. But, she did not know that this sweetener could be deadly for her pet. The seemingly harmless low-calorie sweetener is included in some of the top human foods, yet it should be kept away from dogs.

Once Ruby ingested the brownie, its toxicity started to act. Have in mind that when dogs ingest xylitol can show a variety of symptoms, but in some cases there would be none. The possible symptoms could be liver failure, low blood sugar, seizures, and in the worst case scenario fatal consequences.

Kate Chacksfield immediately took Ruby to the nearest hospital once she noticed that her Vizsla is not feeling well. Unfortunately, it was too late for Ruby, the damage has been done. Ruby fought fiercely for her life for 8 days, she suffered a lot and could not handle the enormous pain. She lost her life in this fight and left her owner devastated and leaving her with a guilty feeling. Kate’s heart was broken, not being able to safe Ruby, although she rushed to the vet. Not to mention the fact that despite the efforts of the vet Ruby died, but the bill was still left outstanding, almost staggering $13,000. Yet, she would not mind the bill, if Ruby was still alive, she stated the following: “I had no idea how serious eating natural sweeteners was for dogs, the photos of her on life support still make me cry.”

She had no idea that these low-calorie brownies would be deadly for Ruby, and if she did, she would have never bought them at first place, or hide them properly, so that Ruby would have not eaten them. Not being aware of the danger she did not take Ruby to the vet immediately, but waited till the symptoms aggravated. Ruby began to show symptoms of liver failure when Kate brought her to the vet and at that point Chacksfield realized that this was no ordinary bug. After that, she took Ruby to The Royal Veterinary College in London, but precious time was wasted and Ruby could not be saved. Kate said:”I only made brownies with Xylitol in to reduce the amount of sugar I was eating.”

The vet would have been helpful if he has known initially that Ruby ate the brownies as it has never occurred to Kate that the brownies might be the culprits for Ruby’s condition. However, this happens to most dog owners not being aware of what their pet might have eaten. Dogs have the habit to swallow things that they are not supposed to and Kate believed Ruby did too. She said, quote: “We just thought she may have eaten some by mistake in the park or something – it never crossed my mind to mention the brownies.”

As a result of her dreadful experience Kate is determined to reveal her story to the other pet owners so that they should be very careful about food products containing xylitol.

This sweetener is harmless for people, but not for your dog, and there are also other ingredients that can harm your pet. Therefore, you should be aware of all the ingredients that are possible threat for your pet as losing a pet can be painful as losing a close person.

Dogs will be always dogs and could never resist that small treat that is near their sight; hence we should be the ones that we need to be careful about the food. Even when leaving your dog with someone to take care of him you should provide a list of the things your dog is not allowed to have. Dogs will always find a way how to sneak out and eat that forbidden item. Chacksfield reported the following: “It takes just a quarter of a teaspoon of sweetener to harm a dog”.

Xylitol can be present in several sugar-free products like sweets, gums, peanut butter and other spreads. Therefore, it is of vital importance to check first for the label of the food product before you decide it to share it with your pet. According to Pet Vet Dr. Evan Antin food products like garlic, onions, raw meat, raw eggs, grapes, raisins, and even macadamia nuts can be toxic to dogs and their ingestion can bring fatal consequences.

If your dog might have eaten some of these products, then do not wait but immediately go to the vet’s office. Time is precious when your pet is concerned!