Dogs Are Just the Best Friends Ever

Cuddling is something that we all love, more or less. It reminds us of the warmth of our mother holding us in her arms and offering the whole comfort in the world. It is one of the most effective forms of touch that can be intense.

Even if you are not the cuddling type the power of a touch is so immense that every person wants to feel it. It offers many benefits and incites intimacy and emotional strength and probably that is what scares some people.

We have experienced cuddling since our birth and when we are older we still miss it and because of that is the need for hugging and caressing. Simply, it is a way of expressing our emotions and love towards other people.

The Benefits of Cuddling

  1. Improves mood and lowers stress

By cuddling the release of oxytocin is being stimulated that decreases the cortisol, the stress hormone. Thanks to this we are feeling relaxed and our mood gets better.

According to a conduced 2015 study by Sheldon Cohen, a Professor of Psychology in Carnegie Mellon Universities’ Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences, frequent hugs protects us from the stress that leads to infection helping us to relieve sickness symptoms.

  1. Reduces pain

Due to the release of oxytocin people feel better and studies have confirmed that this helps in reducing pain in people with cancer, back pain, and IBS.

  1. Betters sleep

Having the ability to soothe stress, the cuddling calms down the body thus helping us to quickly and easily fall asleep. As per performed researches oxytocin can improve the quality and amount of sleep.

  1. Strengthens relations

The cuddling improves the relation among people and their communication due to the oxytocin, also known as the “love” hormone. Plus, it betters intimacy and promotes the feelings of understanding, connection, and empathy between partners.

Therefore, do not oppose to cuddling, but try to cuddle as much as possible with your partner and children and thus enjoy all its amazing benefits.


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