Drink THIS Every Morning When You Wake Up to Stay Perfectly Healthy!

Consumption of water is essential for the survival of any human being. Therefore, it is also recommended to consume at least 6 cups of water per day. In reality, beyond keeping us alive, water consumption could bring us many benefits and prevent many diseases. In the rest of this article we’ll explain why drinking water early in the morning is so important for the body.

Our body is composed of 70% water which is the main reason why it requires this liquid in order to maintain good health and to function in an optimal way. Moreover, it is advisable to consume a glass of water in the morning to clean our body, which could give you a lot of energy for a whole day. The water will also cleanse the colon bay eliminating bulky waste.

These are some of the benefits of regular consumption of water:


1. An excellent slimming ally

Consuming water early in the morning will speed up the metabolism and that by 25%. This will make it easier to burn calories since the body will provide energy in order to return the body to its normal temperature.

A study carried out by scientists from the Berlin Medical College demonstrates that consuming 2 cups of water per day will promote thermogenesis in both men as well as women with a normal weight.

Thermogenesis allows the body to maintain a stable temperature; it is a process that involves spending of energy that is followed with fat burning. The ideal would be to consume glass of water in the morning before breakfast.

2. Improves the functioning of the lymphatic system

The lymphatic system allows transport of the nutrients in different parts of the body. Improving the functioning of the lymphatic system also means improving the immune system’s capabilities. Drinking water in the morning upon awakening will improve the functioning of the body in general.

3. For healthy skin

Water is reputed to keep a fresh and youthful skin complexion. Effectively, the consumption of water makes it possible to eliminate the toxins which also slows down the process of aging of the skin. Moreover, to drink at least 2 cups of water on a daily basis would stimulate the blood circulation and especially at the level of the skin which will hydrate it and also prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

4. Regular water consumption prevents the emergence of certain diseases

Indeed, the consumption of water on a regular basis would greatly prevent the onset of infection or disease. The water is very rich in magnesium therefore it relieves constipation but not only that since it could also relieve headaches. And many studies have confirmed that it has many therapeutic virtues.

5. Improves physical performance

Drinking water regularly during the day will limit the phenomenon of dehydration. Indeed, when practicing physical activities we can lose on average up to 16% of water and this is because of perspiration which is the reason why we should be hydrated even more when we exercise. Water regulates the body temperature and also prevents fatigue.