A Drink That Relieves Bloating Effectively and Helps to Lose Weight

Bloating is among the most common digestive disorders. Bearable when it occurs from time to time, but when it becomes habitual, it is a real embarrassment. We propose in this article a simple and natural way, an effective drink that will have a double effect: relieve bloating and promote weight loss.

Bloating is the result of the accumulation of gas in the intestine, which leads to swelling of the abdomen and hence the belly. This digestive problem is not so serious, but can be very annoying, especially when it occurs regularly. The causes of bloating are numerous:

Poor nutrition
The consumption of processed foods, high in sugar, fat or salt or foods that promote fermentation and therefore intestinal gas can cause bloating. That is the reason why it is advisable to favor natural foods rich in dietary fiber to aid digestion.

Stress can interfere with the proper functioning of our body and alter several processes, including that of digestion. Indeed, in case of stress, blood flow to the digestive system is disrupted, which can cause several digestive disorders like constipation or bloating.

Taking certain medications, dehydration, some chronic diseases, food intolerances or chewing too fast can also cause bloating.

There are several medications to treat this digestive problem, but the grandmother’s remedies with natural ingredients are just as effective. Here is a natural drink recipe to help you relieve bloating, but also stimulate weight loss.


 – ½ pineapple
–  ½ fennel
– 2 celery stalks
– ginger root of 2 to 3 cm


Put all ingredients in a blender or juicer and add a little water. Consume this drink in the morning on an empty stomach when bloated.

Caution: Ginger is not recommended for diabetics, pregnant and lactating women and people suffering from blood disease.