Drink This and You’ll Lose 8 Pounds of Belly Fat in Just 3 Days

Proper Diet is Crucial for Loss of Belly Fat

Even though, you need to perform strenuous workouts in the gym so that you gain flat tummy, diet is actually very important to acquire this. What you eat, it shows directly on your abs, as a matter of fact your eating regime accounts outstandingly for the way how your stomach looks, in fact in percentage wise that is incredible 90%. Therefore, be careful of what you eat if you wish to have an ideal tummy, fat free.

We have an efficient recipe which will offer you ideal shape for your abdominal area. If you consume this recipe on a daily basis, you can completely form your tummy the way you have always wanted. Moreover, the preparation of this recipe is very easy and not time-consuming. This homemade fat burning recipe would be very efficient if you start a healthy and well-balanced diet program.

Parsley-Lemon Solution

Recipe Instructions:

  • You will need a bunch of fresh parsley which you will put in a food processor, and mix it.
  • Then, take 1 lemon and squeeze its juice and then include it to the parsley.
  • Take half a cup of water and add it into the mixture. Mix for a few more seconds.

The parsley-lemon mixture works really fast and in just couple of days you will see visible results. What is the secret of its efficiency? It is the parsley, which is rich in vitamins crucial for proper digestion. The lemons are also very beneficial for initiating the weight loss process. This mixture will not only help you with the weight loss process, but it will also improve your metabolism.

Use: For best outcomes, you need to consume this beverage each morning on an empty stomach for 5 days in a row. After that, take a break of 10 days and repeat the treatment.

Other drinks you can also include in your diet

Below we present you a list of beneficial refreshing beverages which you can also add into your diet to further promote the weight loss process.

  1. Green Tea
    Consuming freshly-brewed cold green tea will significantly improve your digestion and lower stomach fat. if you wish you can include honey in it and enrich its taste.
  2. Flavored Water
    You can prepare it by yourself, cut various fruits and vegetables in slices, and place them in a mug filled with cold water. In this way you will get tasty flavored water which will be boosted with vitamins that are essential for your body system.
  3. Watermelon Smoothie
    This is the perfect refreshing fruit for preparing a smoothie as it is abundant with water. You can combine watermelon with ice and yogurt, and prepare a great smoothie.

However, always have in mind the fact that hard work and persistence are very important for achieving the desired success. Incorporate a healthy diet, and as well as the parsley-lemon juice in your daily regime and very soon you will get flat tummy.