How Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar Before Bedtime Can Change Your Life for Good!

Apple cider vinegar – ACV is considered to be the most versatile product as it is used for many purposes, starting as an insect repellent, a beauty care item, a medicine, a cleaning product, and for many other purposes.

However, you need to be extra careful with the choice of apple cider vinegar as it needs to be one hundred percent organic, raw, and unfiltered. In that way you will be sure that you have a quality product which will provide you with acetic acid bacteria and yeast.

Have in mind that for oral consumption you need to mix it with water, and make sure to start with a very small dose, which will be increased gradually day by day.


  1. Promotes the health of the heart

This amazing vinegar is high in polyphenols which are beneficial for the reduction of the oxidation of the bad cholesterol, which protects your body from various cardiovascular diseases.

  1. Deals with sore throat

It can successfully treat sore throat as it contains strong antibacterial properties that have the ability to fight pathogenic bacteria. For that purpose, in order to relieve sore throat mix ACV in a glass of water and gargle few times during the day.

  1. Boosts digestion

In order to aid your digestive system mix apple cider vinegar with water and drink it before your meals. Plus, it will help with the saliva release, thanks to which the food in the stomach will be processed much easier.

  1. Regulates blood sugar

It is very efficient in reducing the blood sugar; all you have to do is to consume 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar before meals.

  1. Treats acid reflux

ACV has the ability to stimulate the release of digestive juices and offer healthy digestion thus preventing acid reflux and heartburn.

  1. Powerful bone broth

It enhances the strength of the bone broth, and because of that add it to your broth so that the most important minerals from the bones are being released.

  1. Soothes sunburn

In order to achieve this, prepare a bath with lukewarm water and add in it a cup of apple cider vinegar.

  1. Body detox

The body detox is done through the liver, and ACV supports the function of your liver, and for that you will need to take only 1 tablespoon of ACV once a day. By doing so, you will stimulate the enzyme secretion and the bile flow.

  1. Lose weight with ACV

As per released study in a well-known journal, the intake of ACV mixed with a glass of water prior meals will offer the feeling of satiety, thereby reducing the need for food and efficiently lowering your weight index.

10.Treats sugar cravings

Sugar cravings can be reduced by drinking apple cider vinegar diluted in a glass of water prior having your meals.

  1. Skin cleanser

Apple cider vinegar contains antimicrobial components, and because of that it is one of the best skin cleansers. Wash your face with the following solution: in a bowl of water add a few drops of apple cider vinegar, and then wash your face with it and in that way you will successfully clean it from any impurities.

  1. Teeth whitening

Mix the apple cider vinegar in a glass of water, swish for a while in your mouth. This is a natural mouthwash, which leaves your teeth healthy, bacteria-free and pearly white. Clean your mouth with water after the swishing is done.

  1. Healthy and shiny hair

Your hair will be strong and shiny if you rinse your hair with the following mixture consisted of few drops of apple cider vinegar placed in a cup of water.

  1. Great treatment for your feet

Eliminate all bacteria on your feet just for 5 minutes. Soak your feet in a bucket full of water with a couple drops of apple cider vinegar.

  1. Natural deodorant

ACV is a safe natural deodorant free of any chemicals, just place some of it under your armpits, and you will be free of any smells.

  1. Cooking

It is a great addition to the marinades and in that way you will enrich the flavor of your chicken, meat, or fish.

  1. Salad dressing

Mixed with some extra virgin olive oil and dried herbs, it becomes an excellent dressing for your salads.

18.Preserve your fruits leftovers

Just rub some apple cider vinegar on your fruits that have been bitten, and you will preserve them from spoiling.

  1. Vegetable and fruit wash

Your fruits and vegetables will be perfectly cleaned when in a sink full of water you will put a few drops of apple cider vinegar. Place the veggies and fruits inside and leave them to stay for a while.

  1. Cleaning agent

Apple cider vinegar contains a strong antimicrobial agent known as the acetic thus making it an efficient house cleaner.

  1. Gets rid of fleas

You can protect your pet from fleas, all you have to do is to mix equal parts of ACV and water in a bowl, and then transfer the solution in a spray bottle. Use this solution to spray your dog or cat.

  1. Repel fruit flies

Flies are annoying creatures, but you can protect your fruits from them by putting apple cider vinegar in a jar, and then make a few holes on the top. Place the jar where you keep your fruit, and it will become the perfect trap for the fruit flies.