Dutch Company Reveals an Electric Car that Charges Itself with Sunlight

The air pollution is present in every country and we as human beings pollute the environment with our cars that run on fuel. Therefore, A Dutch company from Eindhoven has released a prototype car named as Lightyear One.

This car won the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge and it is the first long-range solar car in the world.  As per the company’s website, cars emit 12% of European greenhouse gases, which percentage will be further on increasing.

One of the solutions for reducing the pollution from the cars is the electric cars, but many countries are still not fully capable to build the needed infrastructure for electric cars. Due to these issues, the invention of Lightyear One is a great solution since it is charged by a natural source, the Sun. Plus, this car can be driven on long road trip which is not the case with electric cars that are fully dependent on charging infrastructure.

The company that has built this car states that it can run for about 725 km, and in winter up to 400 km at highway speeds with the heating on. This is incredible making this car an excellent solution for the environment and in terms of running it even outruns the conventional charging and gas.

The charging of this car comes from the sun during the day, or it can be plugged into a power outlet. During the night it can charge up to 400 km from a normal household electrical outlet.

The Lightyear One is built from high-tech materials having the lowest weight but still maintaining a high level of passenger safety. The hood and roof are constructed of 5 square meters of integrated solar cells in safety glass that is really strong that even an adult person can walk on it without causing dents.

According to the manufacturing company Lightyear One has been engineered from a radically different perspective and the engineers were focused on finding the best way to optimize efficiency and safety. They did not follow any convention rule but only the laws of physics and they started from scratch, but in the end managed to create this super self-sustaining car.

This car can be charged at a regular outlet or at a (fast) charging station. A fully-charged battery can offer a drive of approximately 800km, and the integrated solar cells of the 5 m2 hood and roof charges it up to 12km/h as it goes. This car is with optimized aerodynamics and design allowing it to run for such long period of time and it is being propelled by four independently driven wheels. What is very important is the fact that there is none energy lost in transit from the engine to the wheel. According to the company’s website the superior range of running continues to extend with every hour of sunlight.

Although this car would mean a lot for the environment not every person can afford it. Plus, its production in the new facility in Helmond is still slow, but anyone who is interested can reserve one of the 500 electric vehicles for a reservation fee of €119,000.

The inevitable question pops up: why are we still driving cars that use gas? What it can be done for the cost of these cars to be lower so that many people can use electric and solar powered cars and thus help our planet?