Dying Street Dog Didn’t Have Much Time Left, Then An Angel Saved His Life. The Before and After Photos Are Unbelievable!

There are many stray dogs living on the streets left to fend for themselves and their number increases due to the irresponsibility of the humans and their not controlled reproduction.

The shelters are packed with abandoned dogs and there is no room for others. Adopting a street dog could be the best thing that you can do for these furry mankind friends. Having one at home is a true blessing as these lovely creatures know when they are being rescued and they will give their lives literally to protect the person that saved it from the cruelty of the street.

One of those persons that saved a stray dog from certain death was Pia. In her neighborhood she saw a sick and dying stray dog, and she was overwhelmed by the horrible condition in which this dog was that she started crying. The dog was very skinny and in a very bad shape but his sad eyes filled Pia’s heart with great concern, so she took him and immediately went to the nearby vet.

The dog was examined and the vet gave the prognosis, if it survives the upcoming weekend the dog would have a chance for life.

Pia took the dog with her in her home and gave him great care and attention. She gave him water every three hours and tried to get him to eat. The dog could not get miraculously saved during one weekend as it was too week and in that period lost additional 2 pounds, but he survived. As a result of his great determination and will for life Pia named him Hercules.

She realized that there is still hope for this dog, but the path to full recovery was long as there were two occasions when she almost lost him. Hercules did not give up thus thanking her for her great care. Although he was too fragile to stand up he fought and managed to take the first steps. Pia cried like a baby when she saw him standing up.#

Finally, Hercules managed to stand up and walk, and after that he was running all over the place, full of joy and life. Pia adopted Hercules and now officially they are together.

Her love saved Hercules and he was grateful enough that he survived thanks to her efforts.