These Are the Early Signs of Breast Cancer That You Need to Consider!

Breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer among women, accounting for over a third of new cases of cancer among them. Caused by many factors such as age, family history, hormonal disorders or obesity, breast cancer is the cause of death of 400.000 women annually worldwide. Early detection increases your chances of cure and here are the early symptoms to absolutely take into consideration.

Breast cancer is characterized by the development of cancer cells in one or both breasts. Primarily affecting women, and in rare cases men (less than 1% of cases), it is manifested by various symptoms that must be taken seriously as they emerge. Indeed, early detection of breast cancer, and any other type of cancer for that matter, is crucial to increase your chances of recovery and minimize the risk of recurrence and death.

It is true that a periodic checkup by a medical professional is necessary, especially when the woman reaches her fifties, but you can also conduct regular self-examination in order to detect any new or unusual changes of the breasts. According to numerous studies, women who perform a monthly self-breast examination, detect the presence of smaller and less advanced tumors than those who practice it less often or not at all.

The main early symptoms of breast cancer that absolutely must not be neglected:

A change in breast appearance:

Every woman knows her body better than anyone. She is the only one able to identify any change in the appearance of different parts of her body. So if you notice your breast – or your nipple – has changed size, shape, color, or even temperature, immediately consult your doctor to know the origin of these changes and dismiss or affirm the assumption of a tumor development.

Breast tenderness

Breast pain can be caused by various factors such as the approach to period, beginning of a pregnancy, or the presence of benign nodes. But when they become too hard or begin to deform, it can be a sign of a cancer formation. It is therefore recommended to consult a doctor urgently.

Discharge from the nipple

Nipple discharge is a normal reaction when you squeeze your nipple. But when it happens for no apparent reason, or if a greenish liquid comes out, this may indicate the presence of a breast infection, such as a cancerous tumor in your breast. Do not hesitate to seek advice from a professional who can identify the real cause of these spontaneous discharges.