How to Easily Make Alkaline Water at Home

For optimal health we all need to drink at least 8 cups a day, but have you heard about alkaline water?

Alkaline Water

Alkaline water contains high pH value, for instance a neutral pH value is 7, so anything over this value is alkaline, and anything below is acidic.

The pH water value can be easily altered by adding substances in it in order to make it more acidic or more alkaline. Alkaline water can bring back the pH balance of your body, by drinking it you are alkalizing the body helping it with the health problems related to having an acidic body.

People with acidic body are more succumb to diseases and the reason for its occurrence is associated with the lifestyle we choose, like consuming plenty of sugary foods, processed foods, and any other unhealthy foods.

If you are not sure whether you have an acidic body or not, you can easily test it by using litmus strips to test saliva or urine. If it turns out that your urine or saliva is extremely acidic, drinking alkaline water may help you to restore its normal pH balance.

Health Benefits of Consuming Alkaline Water

Having slightly alkaline body has been related to better cognitive function, decreasing age-related cognitive decline, and as well as improving the function of various internal organs. There is also certain scientific evidence that alkaline water can impede cancer growth.

Here below, find some of the benefits of alkaline water consumption:

  1. Supports Kidney Health

According to a 2007 U.S. study released in Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, people who consumed alkalizing foods and used alkalizing supplements could bring back the pH balance to their bodies. Thanks to this their kidney function was being improved and the removal of toxins was more efficient.

  1. Alkaline Ionized Water Improves Gut function and Immunity

The consumption of alkaline water helps your health by restoring the balance in the intestines, which strengthens the immune response of the body and hence protecting from nasty infections.

According to a 2005 research of Nina Vorobjeva, a researcher from Lomonosov Moscow State University, it was concluded: “drinking such water favours the growth of residential microflora in the gut.”

  1. Promotes Liver Health
  • specifically for diabetic or pre-diabetic people

The consumption of alkaline water does not only help the kidney function and gut health, but is also helpful if you are dealing with blood sugar control. According to a research conducted on rats with blood sugar control problems similar to the ones experienced by diabetic people, it was revealed that drinking alkaline ionized water improved their liver function.

  1. Helps Rehydration for Athletes

Physically active people use up their electrolytes via strenuous exercise and extreme sweating. By performing exercise muscles produce more hydrogen ions thus increasing the acidity and the condition of fatigue sets in.

According to a 2010 conducted study by a researcher from Montana State University which was released in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition people with vigorous exercise regimes kept their pH balance and remained hydrated when they drank alkaline water.

Side Effects of Drinking Alkaline Water

Even though there are numerous benefits of alkaline water consumption, there are also some side effects which are not pleasant. Nevertheless, these side effects are considered to be normal as in that way the body shows you that the pH is being restored and that the detoxification has started.

Here are some of the side effects that may occur:

  1. Sore muscles like the aches experienced when having a flu
  2. Headache
  3. Sniffling (a runny nose)
  4. Tiredness and sleepiness
  5. Gas

However, these side effects do not apply to all people as some people are experiencing them more strongly and others don’t.

Here below are some recipes for the preparation of alkaline water.

  1. Alkaline Lemon Water Recipe

Take a tall pitcher  and fill it with 8 cups of clean water. Then cut 1 lemon into 8 pieces and place them into the water. Leave them to soak in the water for 8 – 10 hours at room temperature. After that your alkaline lemon water is ready. Enjoy it!

  1. Alkaline Baking Soda Water Recipe

For this recipe dissolve 1/8 teaspoon of baking soda into an 8-ounce glass of clean water. Stir it nicely, and immediately drink it.

Have in mind: Persons on a strict low-sodium diet are not supposed to use this recipe because baking soda is high in sodium.

  1. Alkaline Water Recipe with pH Drops

These alkalizing pH drops can be bought from online retailers or at health food stores. Have in mind that these drops are extremely concentrated, and formulations differ among producers, therefore strictly follow the instructions on the bottle in order not to overdo it.

Only a few pH drops into a pitcher of water are needed for alkalization thus getting the same alkalinizing benefits like lemon and baking soda water. For easier use store your alkalinizing agent in a dropper bottle.

NOTE: You need strictly to follow these rules: alkaline water needs to be consumed 30 minutes before a meal, and two hours after a meal. In this way you are not disturbing the body’s digestive processes which requires acidic environment.