Eat a Garlic Clove in the Morning on an Empty Stomach … The Results are Amazing!

Garlic is a magical vegetable and is added in many dishes. It brings a unique aroma to salads, pasta, meat and many other dishes. But garlic is not only efficient in the kitchen.

Garlic is a valuable food for the health, it is full of virtues and benefits to human health. In this article you will find information of the benefits of consumption of garlic on an empty stomach.

Amazing benefits of garlic

Garlic is a popular vegetable in the health field, because of its medicinal benefits. It is used for many years in the treatment of many medical problems, making it a true health ally.

Garlic is rich in vitamins, such as A, C, B6, B9. It also contains a substantial number of minerals, including zinc, calcium, phosphorus and potassium. These various components are in favor of strengthening the immune system and improving blood circulation.

Furthermore, garlic helps prevent bacterial infections. It acts both as an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant substance. Its contents of inulin facilitate the digestion of food by promoting the development of the intestinal flora. Therefore, garlic is used for treatment and prevention of many diseases.

Here are the 6 magical powers of garlic

  1. Strengthens the immune system

It effectively fights respiratory infections, facilitates breathing and reduces cough. In winter, garlic is excellent for preventing influenza and colds. When you feel the first sign of cold or flu, then soak a clove of garlic in honey and eat it.

  1. Treats hormonal disorders

Garlic contains lots of iodine, which makes it very effective in hormonal disorders. There is evidence that treatment with garlic is very effective.

  1. Lowers high blood pressure

It significantly reduces the blood pressure of people with hypertension. This effect is achieved with a few cloves of garlic per day. It lowers blood pressure, relaxes the smooth muscles of blood vessels. This is because it contains adenosine.

  1. Useful for inflammation of the ear

It is useful in the treatment of inflammation of the ear, and the recipe is very simple and fast. In a spoonful of hot olive oil, put a clove of garlic and let it sit for about an hour. Put a few drops of this oil in the ear and repeat the same procedure twice a day.

  1. Useful for baldness

It contains vitamin E, B6 and B1 that helps you to have quality hair. Garlic is known for its excellent effect on the healing of the hairline. If your hair begins to fall, you should rub the affected area with garlic oil, and leave at least ten minutes. You should do this several times a week.

  1. Reduces the risk of cancer

It is shown that garlic reduces the risk of cancer. The peeled garlic must rest for about 10 minutes, before consumption, to obtain the necessary elements to reduce the risk of cancer.