Eating 2 Bananas Daily Is Very Beneficial For Your Health! This is What Happens…

Many people are not fully aware of the health benefits that bananas are providing. This fruit is really tasty and it is packed with nutrients, natural sugars, vitamins, and fibers. Regular consumption of bananas will help you maintain healthy and will prevent any health issues.

In fact, bananas are the most consumed fruits in the US. There are many people that actually think if the banana has dark spots it means the banana is rotten. This is actually wrong because those dark spots on banana contain TNF.

Here are more details in regards to TNF:

TNF is compound that contains properties that can help you fight cancer. The riper the bananas are the more TNF it contains. This compound also help you improve the movement of immune cells especially if there is infection in the body. There are numerous research studies that prove that TNF is extremely effective against tumors and prevent their growth. The compound is also able to improve the immune system and increase the white blood cells.

Due to these reasons you should always eat bananas with dark spots. They are the healthiest types of bananas that will provide a lot of health benefits. In the same time it will help you boost your energy levels.

Here are the main benefits of eating ripe bananas:

  1. Heartburn

If you suffer from heartburn you will need to eat one banana on daily basis in order to relieve it. Regular consumption will gradually reduce the symptoms of heartburn

  1. Blood pressure

Regular consumption of bananas are also great for regulating the blood pressure. Due to the potassium that bananas help it could help you reduce the high blood pressure and prevent cardiovascular diseases and strokes.

  1. Storing energy

You should consume at least two bananas per day in order to be able to increase the level of energy. Due to the high amount of vitamins and minerals that bananas contain your body will also become stronger. The high amount of potassium will also help you prevent muscle cramps.

  1. Fighting anemia

Bananas are also rich with iron which is very important compound that helps you fight anemia. Regular consumption will help you increase the production of hemoglobin and red blood cells thus strengthening the blood and its supply around the body.

  1. Fights depression

Due to the tryptophan properties of bananas it could help you fight depression. This special amino acid once it is consumed it transforms into serotonin which is familiar neurotransmitter in the brain. Serotonin is responsible for making you feel relaxed and happy, and it improves your mood.

  1. Fights constipation

You could relieve constipation by consuming few bananas per day. Due to the high amount of fibers it will help you improve the movement of the bowel and treat constipation.

  1. Ease PMS/Nerves

Bananas could help you relieve PMS or stress. This fruit is great because it contains natural sugars and vitamin B which is responsible for relaxing the nervous system.

  1. Regulates temperature

Regular consumption could also regulate the body temperature.