Very Effective Homemade Teeth Whitening Method Using Aluminum Foil

Having perfectly white teeth is not easy. You have to go through a lot of expensive procedures and appointments at the dentist to get a bright smile.

However, in addition to hurting your wallet, such a process is not without side effects on the health of your teeth. So the question is whether there is a better way to get white teeth without having to spend so much money? The answer is yes! Thanks to this simple but very effective remedy!

Dentists and health professionals recommend brushing your teeth at least twice a day, to prevent the growth of oral bacteria, but also to prevent cavities and tartar build-up, which causes yellowing of the teeth.

Moreover, in addition to the latter and therefore poor oral hygiene, there are other factors that promote the yellowing of teeth, including smoking, excessive consumption of coffee, tea and alcohol, as well as erosion of the enamel.

How to regain the natural whiteness of your teeth?

Easy tip for teeth whitening

The treatment we present in this article, allows you to whiten your teeth easily and without having to spend huge amounts of money.

You will only need the following ingredients:

Baking soda

Your usual toothpaste

Aluminum foil

How to prepare the paste?

Take a little baking soda and mix it with your usual toothpaste.

Take a piece of aluminum foil and fold it so that it takes the shape of a gutter adapted to the size of your teeth

Apply the paste you have on the aluminum foil, then place it on your teeth.

Leave the foil on your teeth for up to 15 minutes.

For best results, you should apply this remedy twice a week. Indeed, Baking Soda contains many active compounds that break down impurities and stains on your teeth, thus making them look natural. However, do not use this treatment too often because baking soda has an abrasive effect on the enamel.


Take a picture of your teeth before bleaching, because the process is gradual and you may not notice a color change without comparison with an image taken before.

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