Effective Way of Destroying 1000 Gallstones in 24 Hours (RECIPE)

Adults and children can have stones in the channels of their liver, and in most cases there are not symptoms for this condition. Others have symptoms in form of rashes or sensitivity which indicates this condition. Also stones in the liver channels are hard to be spotted on x-rays because they are very small. Some gallstones actually contain cholesterol germs inside and others have the color of dim, white, red, dark tinted or green.

Once these gallstones appear it causes accumulation of cholesterol in the body. Also these stones can cause some other serious health problems because they can gather parasites, blisters, bacteria and infections which supposed to pass through the liver. This leads to development of other microorganisms which can lead to some serious illnesses. As a result of this you should get rid of the stone as soon as possible.

Here is what you will need in order to get rid of it:

  1. Epsom salt (unrefined) – 4 teaspoons
  2. Olive oil – ½ a cup
  3. Grapefruit juice
  4. One cup with a lid

In order to use this method you will need the whole day, so it is important that you cancel out other activities. Also it is important not to consume any minerals, remedies or vitamins in the previous day. Consume only food that has very low fat nutrition for your breakfast and lunch.

Here is how to use this treatment:

2pm – at this time you should stop eating and drinking. Consume 4 teaspoons of Epsom salt and three glasses of water mixed together. This mixture is enough for 4 doses and keep it in your fridge.

6pm – consume the first dose of the mixture that you prepare (¼ of the entire dose)

8pm – consume the second dose of the mixture (¼ of the entire full dose), and don’t worry you won’t feel hungry even though you had your last meal before 2pm. Remember that it is important to drink the doses at this specific time.

9:45pm – use the squeezed grapefruit juice and mix it with olive oil. Consume this mixture at this time

10pm – after you have consumed the mixture at 9.45 you should stand for at least 5 minutes and afterwards go and lie in bed. Stay like that for at least 20 minutes and try not to move at all. The reason for lying down is because the stones are about to leave your liver and you will feel as they move through the channels. Don’t worry this is not painful at all.

After this you should consume the 3rd dose when you get up at 6am, and the last dose two hours later. Do not eat before 10am, and at this time it is highly recommended to consume natural juice and some leafy food. Afterwards you can consume soothing of your choice, but have in mind that it should be light. Do not worry if you experience diarrhea in the morning because this is natural process that your body is using for removal of stones.


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