Eliminate Foot Pain in Minutes with These 6 Simple & Effective Stretches

Everything in the body is connected; this also applies for the bone structure. For instance, if you are feeling pain in certain body part it does not mean that there is the real origin of the pain, specifically the pain which starts in the foot can also cause pain in the leg.

We cannot name only one reason that can cause feet pain, there are over twenty five of them including, arthritis, athlete’s foot, bunions, corns, overlapping toes, heel spurs, ingrown toenails, and all of them can cause some sort of discomfort and pain.

According to the traditional Chinese reflexology the feet are related to various body points meaning that the feet are the source of the entire body health.

For that reason, there are many detox foot baths claiming that the feet are the perfect spot for eliminating body toxins. There are natural alternatives that can help you in alleviating foot pain. Likewise stretches can be effective regarding this matter, they will do the job just in 5 minutes.

  1. The Toe Raise – In a standing position raise your toes, raise the pinky toe at the same height as the big toe and repeat the same procedure for 5 times with both feet.
  2. Toe Lifts – You are still in the standing position where you lower only the big toe, while the others are still up. If you are not able to press it down, press the pinky toe down instead, and again repeat the same procedure for 5 times with both feet.
  3. Rock OutIn a standing position, try to rock your body weight to the outside of your foot, and raise the weight off the inside. Rock inward while your weight stays resting on the outside. Repeat this procedure for 10 times with each foot.
  4. Toes and Fingers – Now, you are in a sitting position, with the legs in front, and the toes pointing upwards. Lean forward, and with the fingers pull the toes back gently. However, if you can’t do it with both feet simultaneously, do it with one foot at a time.
  5. Tennis Ball RubStep onto a tennis ball, and roll it under the feet pressing it just a little bit. Repeat this procedure with the other foot. When you finish, tilt the foot so that your toes point toward your knee, and stretch the toes in order to point downwards.
  6. Ankle Stretch – loop a stretchy exercise ball around a table or a chair leg, and hook the foot through it, so that the foot rest against the band. Then, press the toes toward to floor, and do a stretching. Do a repetition of15 times.

Extra Tips

These additional advices can help you in restoring your health, strength, and balance of your legs.

  • Wear Proper Footwear. It is very important tip because improper shoes can damage your feet. Comfortable shoes do not constrict your toes contrary to the modern ones and high heels. Your shoes should fit your foot like the widthof theshoe; also feet need to breathe so shoes should be made of mesh or leather. Even though flip-flops seem to be very handy they are not the best option, also your shoes need to have proper arch support.
  • Soak Your Feet in Epsom Salts. Epsom salts assist in feet detoxification, and enhance magnesium intake.
  • Try yoga. Every yoga pose is based on grounded feet by which you will learn how to root the feet, and restore the body balance, along with your mental state.
  • Do earthing.This activity is actually walking barefoot thus providing numerous health benefits. The feet are naturally designed to be flexible so that they can grip uneven surfaces. For that reason start to walk barefoot in your garden or backyard, or you can try wearing shoes with individual toes, which are great for the feet.
  • Consult a specialist.If you experience unbearable, constant foot pain, you ought to visit a doctor. The doctor may recommend wearing custom made orthotics, which can significantly improve the condition of your feet.

NOTE: If you are diabetic, you need to take proper care of your feet, because their health is crucial for your overall wellbeing.



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