Empaths and Energy Sensitive People Benefit from Being Close to a Body of Water

Empathy is a virtue and the people who have it naturally are blessed as thus they have harmonious relationships. The modern world is mostly focused on individualism and praises self-centered people, but people that have empathy have less stressful relations with other people. However, these people need to recuperate as they are very sensitive and the best remedy for them is being near water.

The author of “The Empath’s Survival Guide”, Judith Orloff, MD, stated the following:

I feel passionate that empathy is the medicine the world needs right now.”

It is a known fact that empaths are very sensitive to the energy and emotions of the other people and the things that surround them, so along with the other energy-sensitive people they need something that will remove the negativity and stress they are facing every day. They need to restore the peacefulness in their inner being and because of that they are drawn to all bodies of water. The natural source of water is in the Nature itself, the rivers, the lakes, the oceans and the various streams. Many people enjoy being around water and find it very relaxing and soothing, just in the case of empaths and sensitive people this urge to be near water is very intense.

They are magnetically drawn to the water as it reveals great energy and their being in nature offers them great comfort and renewal. They are literally healed when being present in Nature.

Benefits for Empaths Living near Water

  • Staying in water offers them great relaxation and cleanses their auras

  • Near water their “chi” flows freely, balances their chakras, and supports a positive flow within their body

  • The water offers them a profound connection with nature and that is of vital essence for them

  • Water sounds of stress and help them relax

  • Soaking in the salty sea water cleanses their bodies and energy

  • Breathing the fresh air lowers the stress since it is high in negative ions

  • The sand on beaches enhances the energy, recharges the root chakra, and elevates their vibration