Engineers Create a Breathable and Waterproof Cast to Replace Plaster Ones

Having a broken leg or arm can be very painful, and in order to get properly healed one should wear plaster cast. Wearing plaster cast for several weeks or months can be very frustrating, especially if you are a child limiting you in doing your daily activities. However, if you were a naughty child, you need to rest for a while. Nonetheless, the discomfort that the plaster cast causes can make you even more irritated.

Yes, it will fix your broken bones as they are kept in a proper position, and after a certain period of time you can again use your limbs. During this period you need to be very careful not to wet the plaster cast while showering, or when it is fresh and still needs to fully dry out you need to be very careful not to break it. There is also the unpleasant feeling that you have while wearing as it is often too tight, scratchy, and can easily get infected.

Therefore, the new invention that will replace the plaster cast will be excellent news for everyone, no matter if you are a child or adult.

Cast21 – The Replacement of Plaster Cast

Engineers at the University of Illinois worked on a new method that will efficiently replace the traditional plaster cast. Jason Troutner, biomedical design engineer Ashley Moy, and electrical engineer Justin Brooks have created the Cast21, a wide mesh sleeve that can be easily put onto patient’s wrist and then filled with a liquid resin that hardens swiftly and thus sets the bone in place.

The whole procedure for the patient will last only for 10 minutes, and it is breathable, which will prevent the itching, more hygienic, and waterproof making your bathing an easy task. No need for all those plastic covers or wrapping not to wet the plastic cast, now you can at least enjoy the bath.

Veronica Hogg, the vice president of engineering Cast21 states:

We have this radical notion that you can enjoy your healing experience. You don’t need to be restrained from daily activities. Another bonus is that no electricity or water is needed to apply our cast, so it’s very portable.

It has potential for use in the military and for at-home first aid.”

She adds:

The doctors and patients we work with are amazing. Our clinician partners are so dedicated to providing their patients with the best care possible, and their dedication shows in the smiles of their grateful patients.

It’s an incredibly motivating experience, and we are so humbled to be a part of it.”

They plan to use this model for other purposes as well and thus “expanding into more territories and developing different product lines to help even more doctors and patients”: