Even Doctors Have No Explanation: Mix Cinnamon and Honey and Cure Arthritis, Cancer, Gallbladder, Cholesterol and 10 Other Diseases

Cinnamon and honey have been used in many recipes but also its properties have been used in treating many diseases. It is also known that this natural medicine has been used in ancient times in China.

Honey has been popular throughout the history and its benefits are still used in many ways. Same goes for cinnamon which is the oldest spice known in human kind.

Enzymes of the honey and oil of cinnamon produce hydrogen peroxide which prevents the growth of fungi and bacteria.

When you mix both ingredients you can improve your health conditions. Some of the diseases that can be threated are the following:

  1. Cardiovascular diseases

Mix raw honey and cinnamon and consume it as your breakfast with bread. This way you will lower the levels of the cholesterol in your body and thus you will prevent any heart issues.

  1. Arthritis

Mix 2 tablespoons of raw honey with 1 tablespoon of cinnamon powder. Put the compound in a glass of water. If you consume this on regular basis it will cure your arthritis.

  1. Infection of the gallbladder

Prepare warm water in a glass and add 2 spoons of honey and 1 tablespoon of cinnamon. You should consider drinking it every day if you want to feel the benefits

  1. Decreases the level of cholesterol

Prepare a cup of tea and add 3 tablespoons of cinnamon and 1 spoon of honey. Mix it well and drink it. You will feel the results immediately and your level of cholesterol will lower by at least 15% in the first hour.

  1. Cold

If you are suffering from cold, cough or nasal congestion you should consume the mixture of honey and cinnamon. You will need one spoon of honey and ½ tablespoon of cinnamon. Consume this mixture for at least three days.

  1. Problems with stomach

Eating honey-cinnamon combination will help you cure your stomach ache. You should consider consuming it every day if you are facing problem with your ulcer.

  1. Strengthens the immune system

You should consume cinnamon and honey on daily basis in order to boost your immune system and prevent development of viruses and bacteria in your organism.

  1. Flu

Scientists have proven that honey contains natural compound that kills viruses and this way it prevents flu

  1. Losing weight

If you are willing to lose some extra pounds you should consider boiling a glass of water together with honey and cinnamon in it. You should drink the mixture at least 30 minutes before your breakfast. Also drink it on regular daily basis if you want to lose weight

  1. Acne

Mix the honey and cinnamon and apply it on the affected area before you go to sleep. When you wake up you will notice that the affected area is healed. Wash your face in the morning thoroughly.

  1. Loss of hair

If you are losing hair you should mix one tablespoon of honey, cinnamon and olive oil. After you get one compound apply it on the area of the scalp and leave it for 20 minutes. Afterwards wash it thoroughly and you will see the amazing results.

  1. Cancer

According to scientists the mixture of cinnamon and honey helps in treatment of cancer. You should consider consuming cinnamon and honey on regular basis to feel the results. You should put one tablespoon of cinnamon and honey and boil it until you get caramel like compound. Eat this for at least two months before you feel the benefits.