If You Ever Find Yourself Stuck In A Car That Is Sinking, You Should Do The Following In Order To Survive!

You may find this topic rather gloomy and disturbing but it is always a benefit to know certain things when you are in a dangerous situation. One of them is being stuck in a car that it is sinking. The most common reason for death in such cases is drowning because the victims are not properly educated how to survive in situations like this. According to statistics approximately 400 people drown every year stuck in a sinking car.

These are the fatal mistakes that most victims do:

The most common thing that most of the victims do is calling 911 while their car is sinking believing that someone will come and they are going to be saved. Sadly, but true, there are dispatchers who do not have the experience in dealing with situations like this and their victim drowns while waiting for the help to arrive.

The second mistake that most victims do is waiting for their car to become filled with water so that they match with the pressure that the water in the lake is applying, and after that they try to open the door of the car and swim away. This method requires a lot of time and a great number of people die from oxygen deficiency before even managing to open the car door.

Also you are not supposed to close the windows of the car in order to create an air bubble as this is not working. In fact, this can cause greater panic and you will start losing air as the water level rises.

The Simple Solution of Thirty Seconds

This solution is consisted four-step process which can save lives and was created by Dr. Gordon Giesbrecht from the University of Manitoba. Currently, he is teaching this method to the dispatchers and responders in Florida on how to help people in such situation. In order to perform this process you will need only half a minute which can save your life. All you have to do is to follow these four steps. Here it is how it goes:

Step 1The first thing is to unbuckle your seatbelt.

Step 2 The second one is opening all the windows that are nearby your passenger’s seat or try breaking them open so that the water starts streaming in.

Step 3 After you have managed to open the windows, if you are with your children inside the car, take and push them out of the open window. Always start with the oldest child and end with the youngest one. If you have older car and the back windows do not roll down or there isn’t enough time to break them, then you should allow first the front seat passengers to get out from the car so that the way is cleared and everyone can escape.

Step 4 Once you are out of the car swim away from it towards someplace safe.

This is a simple rescue plan that you need to share with your friends and family so that if you end up in a situation like this there is no panic just thinking straight and following the above mentioned steps, in that way raising your chances for survival. Consider this four-step process as an emergency plan that you most probably already have for fire and tornado.

You can also buy a keychain escape tool in your local hardware store or online. These tools can help you to easily break the window of the car and not waste those precious seconds for saving yourself and your close ones.