Every Woman Should Know This: The Color of Blood During Period Reveals Major Changes in the Body

The period cycle occurs every month and lasts 6-7 days. In those days women may have abdominal cramps and other minor problems, such as headaches and abdominal pain.

When the blood during period runs from the body quickly, its color is either red or pink. Sometimes many women may notice black or brown blood during the cycle and then they should be worried.

According to the specialists, dark menstrual blood indicates that the blood flows more slowly from the body.

Brown Color:

Dark brown color of the blood is old blood that has long been in the womb. This type of blood is generally observed in the early morning.

Red color:

It’s fresh blood, which is immediately disposed of the body. This kind of blood flow often occurs after a busy day when the blood is rapidly released from the body and there is no time to darken.

Medium red or cranberry color:

This is a healthy color of period blood. This color is normally visible on the second day of the cycle.


Dark red like black cherry:

This color is alarming and if see it during your period, you should not ignore it. Black blood occurs due to infection in the uterus. However, if during the cycle, usually on the fourth day you notice black hardened fatty particles there is no reason for concern because it is a blood clot.


This is blood mixed with fluid from the cervix. However, the bright orange color of the blood may suggest a possible infection. So if you’ve noticed another color slightly different from red during your period cycle, it is best not to ignore it and consult a doctor.