Fascinating! Put This on Your Belly Button and Get Rid of Cough, Cold, Abdominal and Menstrual Cramps!

In this article we shall present you an interesting solution for many ailments, and as per numerous experts everywhere in the world this could be the most effective method of soothing pain.

The procedure for this method is extremely simple, all you have to do is to take a cotton ball soaked in alcohol and then apply it in your navel. So, without any effort you will manage to ease the pain and as well as to quickly heal conditions like flu, coughs, acute rhinitis, menstrual and stomach pain.

This home remedy is very helpful for your body, it will relieve you from any pain and as well as relax your body. The cotton ball needs to be soaked in 50% alcohol and placed in the belly button.

Therefore, if you are experiencing issues like muscle pain, cold or influenza, then make sure to apply this alcohol-soaked cotton. Cover it with a band aid, or simply place a towel or a plastic bag on top of it. This should be your first option for the treatment of these conditions, do not go immediately for the standard medications as we all know that they are not always one hundred percent successful, and moreover most of them are packed with chemicals.

The alcohol-soaked cotton ball is great for alleviating menstrual pain, and for that purpose you need to lie down on your back and start pressing the navel with your hands, but do it with extreme caution. Likewise, this same method can be applied when you suffer from abdominal pain, but in this case put some salt to the cotton and after that place it in your navel relieving the stomach pain.

If you are experiencing some of the above mentioned problems, do not hesitate to try this efficient remedy, you will not lose anything but in fact gain a lot. The results of its use are more than amazing.

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