The Fat-Burning Sweet Potato Muffins You Can Eat for Breakfast (100% Gluten-Free!)

You most probably already know that eating lots of muffins is not a good idea. People that are fanatics about muffins should at least know the right recipe in order to avoid addiction and accumulation of fat. The healthy recipe for muffins actually contains less sugar, fat, and calories. The recipe that we are going to present to you also contains healthy nutrients that will help you improve your overall health.

Our recipe contains sweet potatoes which will give amazing taste and aroma to the muffins. You will need to blend the sweet potatoes in maple syrup which will provide great taste. Let’s talk about the health benefits of this recipe:

You should definitely consume more sweet potatoes because it contains beta carotene which is great for your overall health. In fact, sweet potatoes have been used since ancient times, and they originate from South Africa. There are more than 80 millions of tons of sweet potatoes that are produced in China each year. Africa also produces around 14 millions of tons, Central and South America produce 2 millions of tons, and America grows approximately 1 million tons.

As we already mentioned, this ingredient is packed with beta carotene, but also it contains powerful antioxidants that could fight free radicals. You should be aware that free radicals are actually dangerous for your DNA and could damage and mutate the cells. The mutation of cells actually is the main cause for developing cancer.

On the other hand, it contains vitamin A, B-vitamins, vitamin C, magnesium, fiber, iron, manganese, phosphorus, biotin, and pantothenic acid. Sweet potatoes also contain health benefits that will boost your immune system and metabolism. The content of vitamin B6 is great for reducing the levels of homocysteine in the body, and also reduces the risks of heart attacks. Vitamin C is great for preventing colds and flu, reducing stress, and stimulates the production of collagen which is great for the skin. Vitamin D is great for stimulating the function of the thyroid gland, and also it boosts your energy, and strengthens the bones. Magnesium and iron are great for improving the immune system and keeping the bones, blood and heart healthy. Sweet potatoes also contain anti-inflammatory properties that will help you prevent chronic inflammation.

Here is how to prepare the sweet potato muffins:


  1. Sweet potato – 1
  2. Organic maple syrup – ½ cup
  3. Organic olive oil – 2 tablespoons
  4. Organic coconut milk – ¾ cup
  5. Organic coconut flour – ¼
  6. Brown rice flour – 1 cup
  7. Ground ginger – 1 teaspoon
  8. Cloves – 1/8 teaspoon
  9. Nutmeg ground – 1/8 teaspoon
  10. Baking soda powder – 1 tablespoon
  11. Cinnamon – 1 tablespoon
  12. Himalayan pink salt – ½ teaspoon


You will need to prepare the oven by heating it up to 400F. Next you should grease the muffin tin and make holes in the sweet potato with your fork. You will need to roast for 1 hour and afterwards let the pan cool down to a room temperature. Remove the skin from the potato and put it in a mixing bowl where you will add the maple syrup, olive oil, and milk. In separate bowl you should mix the dry ingredients, and once you are done add them in the other bowl with the remaining ingredients. Mix it well and fill the molds. Now you can bake the muffins for ½ an hour and you will have the healthiest muffins that you have tried ever.