Here Is How to Fill Cavities Without Going to the Dentist!

For most people the visits to the dentist’s office is real nightmare, this is a severe case of having the feeling of discomfort and anxiety when entering such office. People are usually irritated by the smell of the office, the various drills that are used when a tooth has to be fixed. These drills are so disturbing and vibrating that make your whole head tremble. Yet, we all have to visit the dentist if we suffer from a tooth decay which in most cases can be very painful. Luckily, Japanese scientists have found out an efficient alternative way for solving this problem.

Occurrence of Tooth Decay

Tooth decay and the creation of cavities are complicated progressive processes which need several months or several years to develop. The reason for their occurrence most commonly is dental caries which forms in the teeth. However, there are also other factors which contribute to their development, like an acidic environment in the mouth (low pH), overuse of sugar in your diet, poor hygiene or tooth fracture. All these factors are responsible for the caused damage on the outer, protective layer of the tooth known as enamel thereby causing infection of deeper tooth structures such as dentin, pulp and cement.

Manifestation of Tooth Decay

Black spots are the first signs of tooth decay which later on become larger black plaques of caries on the teeth’s surface. During the progression of the infection you will notice a cavity formation which destroys the tooth structures over time. So, when you experience toothache then the caries has reached the nerve endings located in the pulp. In such case you have to pay a visit to your dentist. The tooth pain commonly worsens by applying pressure, or by eating cold or hot food on the painful tooth.

Current Treatment Procedure

When you visit your dentist, he/she will decide which procedure to take for treating your tooth which very much depends on the severity of the tooth decay. Nevertheless, the procedure is more or less the same: removing the caries parts of the tooth by drilling, and when everything is removed comes the filling part of the tooth with synthetic materials. This procedure can be very painful and can cause great discomfort, especially if you have existing pain in the tooth. Yet, not to forget the fact that you have to go to the dentist’s office several times until the tooth is properly healed, and then the tooth cavities can be filled.

Revolutionary New Approach

A team of Japanese scientists have come out with a paste which is more efficient than the standard fillings, moreover without the use of drills. This paste needs to be in the initial phases of tooth decay so that it prevents continuous damage to the tooth tissue. This is a revolutionary innovation as this paste would eliminate the need to remove caries-affected parts of the teeth. This would be an amazing alternative to the current painful, uncomfortable, and time-consuming procedure. At the moment this paste is tested on experimental models, but let us hope and wish that it will be available soon in every dentist’ office.

How to use it

When using this paste you need to be extra careful as it is extremely concentrated in acid and hydrogen peroxide. If it is not applied properly it can cause inflammation of the gums. Therefore, if you decide to use it at home; you must consult your dentist first.


Dentists can purchase this product and then redistributed to their patients.  The effect is less than 20 minutes, and your cavity will be filled in no time. The paste will be available for distribution next year.