Find Out What Your Butt Shape Reveals About Your Health

Did you know that your buttock shape is actually telling you about the state of the overall health? Here are some pictures that will help you to decide the shape of the buttock, thus the state of the overall health:

Square booty

If you are having this kind of butt it shows that you have surplus of fat, but also it could show that you are exercising regularly. If you want to get rid of the fat and make the glutes strong and nice shaped, you should exercise the core or glute.

Round Booty

If you are having round booty it meant that you are healthy with very little fat in the upper part of the glutes. You can easily remove this fat with exercises that target this area

Heart-shaped booty

This type of butt suggests that you are having excess of fat in the upper area of the thighs. If you are having this type of butt it means you can easily lose fat much faster. Also as time passes and you get older the fat will relocate in the mid-section. You can fix this problem with the right exercises.

V-shaped booty

If you are having this type of butt (which is common for elderly people) it is formed due to the reduced estrogen levels in the body. You will need to get rid of the fat if you want to protect the health of your heart.

Here is a video with instructions on how to exercise the butt and reduce the fat in this area:


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