The Flour That Causes Tumors in the Kidneys and Thyroid

The consumption of white flour should be reduced or completely excluded from our diet. Most of us are aware of the fact that we are not supposed to consume refined carbohydrates in large quantities, but not all of us are familiar of the fact how bad refined white flour can be.

In this article we will present you five shocking facts about the use of white flour.

  1. No nutritional value whatsoever

The white flour has no nutritional value, namely when it is processed, the nutrient rich ingredients like the wheat seed bran is removed, hence making the product void of any nutrients. Furthermore, dietary fiber is also affected by reduction in the process by 97%. Likewise, 50 percent of calcium is lost and Vitamin E, and B as well.

  1. Included harmful ingredients

Once the flour becomes void of its natural nutrients, then artificial ingredients are being included. Potassium Bromade is included which can cause damage to cells.

Furthermore, in order for the bread to gain its fluffy texture un-appetising ingredients like chalk and alluminium are being added.

The Bromade compound is classified as category 2B carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, hence becoming a “probable” carcinogen to humans.

  1. The processed white flour has become an insecticide

Unfortunately, it has the purpose of an insecticide as it is packed with chemicals that are poisonous for the insects thereby eliminating any insect which tries to eat it. So, when you purchase a loaf of bread you do not consider the fact that you might be buying an insecticide.

  1. It contains L-cysteine

L-cysteine is a substance used in processed white flour as it quickens the baking process, but believe us you do not want that ingredient in your bread since it is made of animal or even human hair. This product commonly comes from China where the food regulations are low.

  1. Triggers diabetes due to added ingredients

Alloxan is the added ingredient in the white bread in order to provide the white fluffy appearance. This substance has been proven to kill the beta cells in the pancreas, linking it to the onset of diabetes.

Therefore, next time when you are in your local store or market, avoid the purchase of white bread even if they look appealing; choose the brown organic loaf which has in its content natural ingredients.