Food Expiration Dates are a Lie to Get You to Spend More Money! This is What You Need To Know…

Each one of us, when we do the grocery shopping in the supermarket, is checking the expiry date. In this way we are sure that we buy quality and not spoiled food. So, whenever we pick a product we make sure that the date is the furthest in the future believing that in that way we are buying good products.

Nevertheless, these “expiration” or “sell by” dates which are printed on the product packaging do not mean that they are one hundred percent accurate. In fact, you are the one who should determine your food quality.

Most of us strictly obey the expiration dates on the products, so whenever we see that there are only few days till last expiration date the product ends up in the garbage bin. But, this is so wrong as the products may last even over this expiry date making them still good for consumption. Therefore, by throwing away this food we are actually throwing away our hard made money.

Even the National Resource Defense Council maintains that these dates are not reliable sources for judging whether the food is spoiled or not. They are put on the products displaying when the product is at its optimal peak freshness. The food might be still good for consumption even after this printed date.