Forget About the Dental Implants! Now You Can Grow Your Own Teeth in Only 9 Weeks!

Teeth have always been important to people all around the world even in the past ages. Nowadays, we have modern ways of treating them but again in some cases tooth loss is still inevitable.

Commonly these teeth losses are replaced by implementing bridges and oral implants, which are substitutes for the tooth roots. These breakthroughs are of great essences particularly for the older generation, but there is something even better.

There is a new fantastic breakthrough which is probably the peak of oral implants. Namely, dental experts claim that there is chance for regrowth of new brand teeth. Amazing, isn’t it?

Dr. Jeremy Mao is the creator of this breakthrough who is a leading scientist in Columbia University. He managed to make a teeth scaffold containing the stem cells in the body. In this way, he caused the regrowth of new teeth by utilizing their own DNA. This is an outstanding discovery which will become a great solution for our dental care.

This can be achieved very quickly, namely this new technology can allow growth of genuine teeth in a period of 9 weeks, and by using it you are also preventing the painful and long process of extracting the old teeth. The device needs to be inserted in the place of the missing tooth and then wait for the body to accept it. By using this technology you are sure about the quality of the used materials.

Dr. Mao states that this procedure is very easy; the missing tooth is being replaced by stem cells, which come from your own body that merges with the enclosing tissue. This will result in swift healing and better regeneration process.

Nonetheless, there are still ongoing researches regarding the use of this technology and it has to be certified by the medical authorities. But, we are hoping that this technology will come very soon as all of us in some way can have issues with the health of teeth due to sensitivity or some medical reason.

Researchers are working very hard to make improvements in the dental implants like introducing more natural and more suitable replacement of the lost teeth. Since it is a natural process the chances of rejection will be minor, and with a quick recovery time.

Unfortunately, this technology may not be available for most of the people around the world.