Forget About Dental Implants! Now You Can Grow Your Own Teeth in Only 9 Weeks

Dr. Jeremy Mao, the leading scientist from Columbia University has come to the amazing breakthrough, regrowing your own teeth. This is an amazing discovery as it will help us to naturally restore our own teeth. Most of us are well aware that nowadays the oral care and hygiene as its highest level, but unfortunately teeth are still being lost due to various reasons. Usually they are replaced by the use of bridges, dental implants which are great solution particularly for the older generation.

All these ways will be soon replaced thanks to this great discovery which will allow us to completely regrow new teeth.  Dr. Jeremy Mao, the creator of this discovery made a teeth scaffold, which contains the stem cells in the body. In fact, he triggered new teeth regrowth by simply using their DNA. This prospect technology will offer us the ultimate dental care for which all of us will be very grateful.

It is an amazing technology which will provide us with new genuine teeth just in 9 weeks, amazing isn’t it? Moreover, it will prevent the painful and long process of extracting the old teeth. For this procedure a device is used which needs to be inserted in the tooth gap and the body needs to accept it. The good part about this procedure is that the materials which are used are with high quality and quite suitable for the growing process of the new teeth.

It is a simple and easy procedure maintains Dr. Mao, namely the tooth is being replaced with stem cells, which originate from your own body and then merge with the enclosing tissue. In this way the healing is much quicker and the process of regeneration enhanced.

Unfortunately, this procedure is not available all around the world and it is not applicable for everyone. However, there is a comprehensive researching going on so that it can be reachable for everybody. Likewise, it needs to be approved by the medical authorities.

Researchers are working very hard to make improvements in the use of dental implants, and likewise trying to find a more natural and comfortable replacement of our missing teeth like in the case of Dr. Mao. Thanks to the outstanding discovery of Dr. Mao the recovery time will become faster and there will be slight chance of rejection.