Frankincense – The Best Anti-Depressant with No Side Effects!

This modern way of living brings lots of stress, and because of that we need to find an efficient way of coping with it as if we do not deal with it properly on the long run it can bring us many health issues. Naturally, there are plenty of antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication on the market which offer a short – term effect, but as well as cause a lot of negative side-effects, including nausea, anxiety, insomnia, decreased sexual desire, and weight gain. As a result of which many people turn to the use of natural solutions like drinking tea, meditation, and yoga.

According to a recently conducted study by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Johns Hopkins University, Frankincense showed some healing properties to the uneasy mind.


It has been widely used for centuries in the treatment of various ailments like healing chronic inflammatory diseases, relieving pain, protecting the liver and the kidneys from damage. Moreover, due to the content of anti-cancer and chemo-preventive properties it has the ability to reverse the metastases in breast and brain cancer.

In addition to this, it contains a chemical substance called incensole acetate that affects a protein in the brain known as TRPV3, which in fact influences body’s ability to perceive warmth on the skin, this on the other hand clarifies its ability to balance emotions and unwind the mind.
Likewise, it incorporates anti-inflammatory properties that aid in the treatment of inflammation caused by chronic stress, which is related to anxiety and other similar mood conditions.

The Amazing Use of Frankincense

This dried resin of Boswellia trees originating from Northeastern Africa, near the Red Sea contains a specific smell beneficial for your mind.
Up to now you may have realized that certain smells have the ability to improve your mood. The sense of smell is the only sense directly connected to the centers responsible for emotions and memories. Namely, the present aromas in the air stimulate the olfactory bulb, which goes from the nose into the brain. This bulb is directly connected to the amygdala and hippocampus, centers accountable for emotions and memories. Therefore, the optimal way to use frankincense is to add some of it into your diffuser. However, if you are on some strong prescription medication or other psychoactive medication, consult your doctor prior using Frankincense.
Plus, the resin can aid in the treatment of high blood pressure, nausea, fever, and chest cough. Moreover, you can keep mosquitoes at bay by diffusing the oil into your home.

There are still more studies on the use of Frankincense in the contemporary medicine, which can be of great help having in mind that over fifty million Americans in the age range of 15-44 are currently struggling with depression, anxiety, and chronic stress. Frankincense may be the perfect choice for this issue and a natural alternative to the antidepressants which incorporate many adverse effects.