Frankincense Oil Kills Cancer Cells While Boosting the Immune System

Frankincense is one of the most powerful medicinal oil that can help you improve your immune system and kill cancer cells. These claims have been confirmed by numerous research studies, thus making it great remedy for your health.

The University of Leicester, England, has conducted a research study and found that naturally occurring frankincense compound (acetyl-11-keto-boswellic acid – AKBA) is great in destroying ovarian cancer cells. The results also suggested that AKBA has great effect even against late-stage ovarian cancer.

Kamla Al-Salmani, lead researcher, said that frankincense doesn’t cause any side effects thus making it great for treatment of cancer cells. All of these research findings are due to be clinically trial in the future in order to prove all the needed results.

Frankincense has been found as great alternative to the radiation treatment thus preventing any side effects caused by it. The Journal of Cancer has released a study results which showed that patients with brain cancer that are treated with radiation experience cerebral edema as main side effect of the therapy. The research showed that patients that have been treated with frankincense experience 75% reduction in cerebral swelling, proving the great effect of it.

Also, this remedy is great remedy for boosting the immune system. The Baylor University Medical Center, conducted a research study which proved that this remedy is great for regulating the immune system and fighting cancer cells. In fact, the frankincense is attacking only the cancer cells without affecting the healthy one. Another study that was conducted by the Phytotherapy Research Center showed that frankincense increases the key markers on the immune system in mice, thus providing increases production of white blood cells.

There are many more research studies that have proved that frankincense is extremely powerful anti-inflammatory agent. This property when combined with the boost of the immune system can be great for treatment of infections and autoimmune conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and asthma.

You may also use this remedy for healing purposes of the skin, and treating acne and scars. You can also experience reduced anxiety levels if you consume it on regular basis.

Consume this remedy as natural health booster, but make sure you are not diluting it. You will need only few drops to be pour under your tongue, or diffuse it and breathe in for respiratory conditions. Also you may find this remedy in form of powder or capsules.

There are plenty of numerous species of frankincense such as B. Serrata, B. Sacra, and Boswellia Carteri. Each one of these species contains strong anti-cancer properties that have been proven during scientific tests.

The most studied specie is B. Carteri proving the healthy benefits of it. Also B. Sacra can be found only in Oman because Saudi royals have restricted the use of it. Here is a video with more details in regards to this remedy: