The Frequency at Which You Urinate Says a Lot About Your Health

Many people will be surprised that the state of the health could be actually determined through the color of the urine, the smell, and the number of times you have to urine. Urine is an important health indicator which requires to be addressed seriously. According to Dr. Neil Grafstein, frequent urges for urinating actually determines the state of your health.

A healthy person should go between 6-8 times per day to urinate, and once during the night. In this article we are going to talk about the meaning of frequent urination and how it is related to the state of the overall health.

Characteristic of difficulty in urine retention, a feeling of urgency and a urge to urinate more than 2 times during the night and more than 8 times during the day, the frequent need to urinate shows that the bladder needs of emptying itself frequently, without this implying that the bladder is completely filled.

This is often caused as a result of overactive bladder which contracts too often or it works improperly. Also if you are older your bladder might have problem with inflammation or irritation of the tissue, malfunction of the urethra, or blockage of the latter. It is important that you are aware of the impact that diabetes could have over the bladder, but also it could be affected by STDs, interstitial cystitis, benign prostatic hypertrophy, neurological hyperactivity of the urethra and bladder hypersensitivity.

Also if you constantly feel frequent urge to urinate it could actually impact the quality of your life. On the other hand it could also impact the quality of your sleep, reduce the sexual activity, reduced self-esteem, feeling of embarrassment, and withdrawal from social activities.

The urge for urinating is distinct from urinary incontinence which is uncontrollable and unintentional loss of urine during day or night.

In order to avoid this problem you should consult your doctor and do some changes such as re-educating the bladder. This involves concentrating on teaching the bladder when needs to pee and in order to achieve this it is best to urinate at the same fixed hour every day. Also try to reduce the consumption of coffee, tea, and alcohol.

Here are some interesting facts about the urine:

  1. Don’t drink liquids before you go to bed in order to prevent interrupting your sleep by the need for urinating
  2. Restrain from peeing could damage your kidneys
  3. Once you get older you will pee more
  4. Diabetes could cause bad smell of your pee
  5. The regular time for peeing is 7 seconds
  6. Foods could change the color of your pee
  7. Normal color of pee is transparent yellow
  8. Urine relieves foot mycoses and eczema
  9. If you have green or blue urine it means that you are suffering from urinary tract infection
  10. Brown urine is a sign of dehydration
  11. Your bladder could hold between 250-300ml of urine
  12. Pee is consistent of 95% of water
  13. Asparagus could cause bad odor of your pee